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STOK is a hassle-free device in your kitchen. It keeps a track of your groceries and notifies you on your mobile phone of what’s empty, through the app, which you can use to place an order at your convenience store.
STOK is not just made smart by adding valuable technology to it, but we pushed our boundaries to rethink the whole architecture of the conventional, boring looking kitchen jars. You can also place the order through a voice-enabled system like Alexa, Google mini, or any online ordering service like Amazon, Big Basket, or Grofers.

Managing Ingredients In Your Kitchen

The number of companies harnessing IoT capabilities in the field of smart home systems will continue to rapidly increase. Technological progress that continues to add capabilities and features have been made with better, more powerful sensors and data collection.
With the advent of AI and ML combined with IoT, the entire paradigm of smart kitchen devices has been steadily rising and as designers and technologists, we have been constantly striving to create the right balance.

With our daily schedule getting more and more hectic, we tend to postpone our grocery shopping and the access to fresh ingredients and healthy eating is affected. When postponed, we forget to add items to that list. Why should one settle for eating a sandwich with no ketchup?

Through a concentrated process of research, user observation, surveys, and intuitive reasoning we were able to figure out a variety of gaps with existing products in the marketplace that we’re in the same category but without the impact of the features that could help a consumer actually buy and use this product.

Space management & Repeatability

The jars had to pretty much be the same footprint as existing jars in a user’s kitchen so we had to work with understanding the dimensions of the existing products to adapt the STOK smart jar. This also meant compressing the electronics and sensors into a compact product architecture.

Modernising Traditional Storage Systems

The initial hurdle was the frustrating difficulty in opening traditional jars. We engineered a user-friendly mechanism, ensuring effortless jar access for everyone. Additionally, consumers faced confusion with varying quantities in packaging. Our solution involved standardised packaging sizes, providing clarity and streamlining the purchasing process.
The issue of spillage due to a small concentrated opening was eliminated through the implementation of a precision pour spout, minimising mess and waste.

Furthermore, we tackled the problem of increasing laminar flow, a common concern leading to inconsistent pouring experiences. Our smart jar design optimises fluid dynamics, guaranteeing a smooth and controlled pour every time. Lastly, we recognised the overwhelming task of deciding what to buy in a saturated market. The modular nature of our product allows users to customise their jar according to their needs, eliminating the fatigue associated with choice overload.

Real-time Synchronicity

A smart human-centric jar for the kitchen that includes active monitoring of groceries by pinging alerts directly to your phone and AI software to image process ingredients without the need for looking.
What more it the jar can do:
Wireless charging base to incorporate coherent charging.
A subscription based pricing model
Load cell, Bluetooth and WiFi combined to create a very accurate measuring system.

The smart jar is a simple, connected device with a mechanical load cell and a Bluetooth transmitter. The load cell measures the weight of the ingredients in the jar. And the Bluetooth transmitter projects the information to the app on your phone.

The App displays and also stores key information on buying and storage patterns to predict the behavior of individuals so that the product and the app can adapt to their unique lifestyles. It also helps remind consumers and can add value to making their daily grocery shopping a breeze.

From early on in the design process, we continued to follow this iterative cycle of generating ideas, getting into cad, and visualize the idea quickly which helped refine the form, features, and functional aspects of the product.

Optimising the Kitchen Inventory

No more wrestling with stubborn jar lids; Stok’s easy-open mechanism, grants users swift access to their ingredients. The standardised packaging sizes alleviate the confusion associated with varying quantities, providing a clear and straightforward shopping experience.
In the space of kitchen management, Stok emerges as a game-changer, blending industrial design prowess with ingenious solutions for a hassle-free culinary experience. Stok, the smart jar, is perfectly crafted to transcend conventional kitchen inventory management. The innovative design tackles the perennial issues faced by home cooks, ensuring a smoother and more efficient operation in the heart of every home. Stok goes beyond the ordinary by optimizing fluid dynamics, a testament to its commitment to elevating user experiences. Furthermore, the modular customization feature allows users to tailor their jars to suit individual needs, putting an end to decision fatigue and offering a personalized touch to kitchen organization. Stok is not just a smart jar; it's a comprehensive solution that redefines how we interact with our kitchen inventory, making every culinary endeavor a delightful and stress-free journey.

Ingenious Purchasing and Management

To make purchasing daily groceries easy, the app integrates with third-party services like Amazon groceries or Big basket or worldwide any online grocery chain with a simple API link. This helps consumers order ingredients directly when you get a notification that you are running low.
The journey of UX begins with the effortless opening mechanism, where users can access their ingredients without the hassle of struggling with jar lids. This simple yet ingenious design choice sets the tone for a frustration-free experience from the start.

The Home screen on the app contains all the necessary information about your jar and the other connected STOK jars in your kitchen giving you a complete inventory count of what is low and the ingredients in your pantry.

As users delve into the kitchen inventory, the standardised packaging sizes offer a refreshing level of clarity and convenience. No longer do they need to navigate through varying quantities; instead, the streamlined approach simplifies the shopping process, ensuring a quick and efficient restocking experience. The Stok smart jar promises a stellar user experience by integrating cutting-edge industrial design with user-centric features.

This feature not only enhances the overall functionality of the jar but also adds an element of sophistication to the user experience. Stok doesn't stop at mere functionality; it goes the extra mile by optimising fluid dynamics. The result is a consistently smooth and controlled pour, turning a mundane task into a delightful ritual. Adding a touch of personalisation, the modular customisation feature allows users to tailor their jars according to their unique preferences. This not only addresses decision fatigue but also empowers users to take ownership of their kitchen organization in a way that reflects their individuality.

Mechanics and Durability

The engineering phase began with a comprehensive Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis, ensuring that the product's design not only met aesthetic and functional goals but also aligned perfectly with manufacturing capabilities. The material chosen was Tritan which is durable and industry friendly.
The inner profile of the jar has a slight draft angle built not only for manufacturing reasons but also so that the ingredients poured don’t stick to the walls and the inside is completely polished with a texture that helps the pour of ingredients in a laminar flow rather than getting gulps of them one pour at a time.

During research, we found that most ingredients transferred from retail packaging to a jar always have some leftover in the packaging due to inconsistencies in various manufacturers packing their ingredients. To solve this, we designed a cap with an accordion that flexes to create 20% more space so that there is no leftover plastic packaging on your kitchen shelves.

The sensors, the battery, light indicators, and the wireless charging circuits are all built into the bottom of the jar so as to not impede the natural function of the jar. In order to keep the jar light, we have used simple and accurate sensors that can connect to the app and share the right data when needed only.

When you get a new jar or you want to use an existing STOK jar to reassign an ingredient, the accompanying smart app helps you to assign the right ingredient by a combination of scanning the actual ingredient as well as assigning a unique tag to each ingredient. In case you are replacing an ingredient in the jar, it’s as easy to reassign by removing the old ingredient and replacing it with the new one.

The CAD approach was central to our strategy, allowing for detailed and accurate virtual representations of the smart jar before physical production commenced. This iterative CAD process facilitated collaboration between design and manufacturing teams, enabling real-time adjustments to enhance both form and function.

Packaging to Capture Essence

For Stok, we knew the packaging needed to be as impactful as the product itself. Through careful consideration of, we crafted a design that is sturdy, visually engaging and informative.
After a meticulous material selection process and a minimalist color palette, the result was a minimal and creative box that stands out, sparks curiosity and is functionally sound.

Transforming Kitchens and Shaping Sustainable Culinary Experiences

Stok, the innovative smart jar, has left an indelible mark on the industry, exemplified by its prestigious recognition as India's Best Design Award winner. Beyond mere accolades, Stok represents a transformative force that has the potential to revolutionize the way people approach grocery shopping, food storage, and meal preparation. With its intuitive features and insightful suggestions, Stok empowers users to make smarter decisions about their food purchases and usage, streamlining the entire process and enhancing overall efficiency.
The impact of Stok extends far beyond the confines of the kitchen, as its influence has the potential to reshape the very foundation of how households are organized and operated. By providing users with valuable insights and recommendations, Stok not only simplifies the grocery buying experience but also fosters a more sustainable and mindful approach to food consumption. As households embrace Stok's innovative capabilities, they are poised to create more efficient and user-centric kitchen environments, where every ingredient is utilized to its fullest potential, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and satisfying culinary experience.


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