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Consumers seek experiences in a product

We build experiences that embrace simplicity and perfectly tie complex ideas with human understanding.

Analogy is a leading design studio at the intersection of Industrial Design, Interaction Design and Design Integration.

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2 Smart lamps shown, one with the side details of the power port, lamp cover and the other one showing the speaker grid below along with the power button
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Our services

What do we do?

We help catapult startups, small manufacturers, and inventors towards market leadership. We hope to bring to life your visionary idea as a product, amplify funding opportunities, streamline entry into the market, and increase the value of your brand. We felt the need to build a studio that would not only meet the needs of the market but offer a service for entrepreneurs building hardware products to realise innovation, differentiation, create gorgeous products that are low in production cost, and set high standards of excellence in the industry.

We partner with startups small and big, entrepreneurs and inventors to bring product ideas to life!

A camcorder charger Redesigned for better brand relevance on an orange background

Market Dominance

We help startups stand out from the crowd with award-winning designs that turn heads and grab market share.
2 designers discussing a product design project with images pinned on a white wall

Amplified Funding

A well-crafted product is an investor's dream. We create proof of concept prototypes to help gain investor confidence resulting in amplified funding opportunities.
Red Amazon diwali packaging product design project highlighted on a black background with a diya in the top right hand corner

Elevated Brand Value

Your brand is your identity and we elevate it with custom packaging designs that communicate your brand vision.
Hand pressing a button on a backpack strap for a massager backpack with an orange shirt shown

Streamlined Market Entry

Time is money, especially for startups. We can accelerate product development by up to 30%, giving you the agility to adapt and thrive in fast-paced markets.
Two iphone 12 phones displaying the quambio carbon neutral app home screen product design

Frictionless User Experience

We design products that are intuitive and user-friendly that minimize churn and build lasting brand loyalty.
A close up image of a roto evaporator condenser and motor in orange highlight

Reduce Production Costs

Design optimization is key. Our expertise ensures designs are manufacturable, leading to cost savings and a smoother transition from prototype to production.
Our work

Transforming ideas with Analogies  

As an industrial design studio, our unique approach revolves around the power of analogies. We believe that to truly connect with users and solve their problems effectively, we must bridge the gap between complex ideas and human understanding: Analogies serve as our creative bridge, allowing us to relate intricate design concepts to everyday experiences, making them more approachable and relatable.
By crafting analogies, we transform design into a compelling story, weaving a narrative that engages users on a deeper level. These analogies not only simplify the experience but also evoke emotions, creating a stronger bond between the user and the product. They provide a context that users can easily grasp, enhancing their journey and ensuring that our designs resonate with them on a personal and emotional level. And that has helped us turn into one of the top product design companies across the globe.

We live by principles that allow us to create products and experiences that stand out. This pushes us to question what is obvious and to design for cleverness. So, we build on minute details and create a comprehensive experience, not just a product. In a world dominated by consumption, our passion lies in making it a more human place by uncovering the right user needs.
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Phone case for Cellairis
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Camcorder Charger for Bluemax
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Power bank for Just Elegance
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We simplify problems to build solutions

An illustration of a tangled thought in the form of lines being untangled as they go through our approach and process

Problem solving focus

We bring the magic touch to award-winning projects. How? We dig deep using industry and UX trends alongside other research methods like ethnography and user-testing. This isn't just about cool-looking stuff, it's about solving problems and making real impacts. We craft our designs like a chef perfecting a recipe, with constant feedback and tweaks.

our process
close up pic of a blue 3d printed prototype lies on a bed of sketches for a UV sanitizer product

Quality in, quality out

We dive deep with every client, asking the questions that truly matter. This lets us uncover unique and innovative solutions that stand out. We study how people think and act, then tailor empathy and thoughtfulness into our designs. The result? Top-notch quality you can see, feel, and experience – in our research, our designs, and everything we do.

our philosophy
A team of 3 designers are watching a senior designer sketch on a whiteboard to understand the vision

Design by analogy

We aren't just makers of things, we're weavers of connections. Our team connects seemingly disparate elements, brought together through the magic of creative analogies. We take these distant concepts, connect them through ingenious analogies, and voila! – products, ideas, and experiences that resonate, that feel both fresh and strangely familiar.

our work
A senior designer showing a junior designer how to create variations from a cad model on paper
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Our Features