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Say Goodbye to Cumbersome Power Banks and Hello to On-the-Go Charging

The power bank deals with solving the daily nuances that a person has to go through devoid of power on the go. The form development was a huge part of the project as the shape of the power bank mattered a lot into how it would sit in a user's hand and also how it would tie into a case more importantly.
What we were solving for is the annoying cable that sticks out of your pocket and a huge power bank in either your purse or your pocket. We were targeting a better user experience with a form small enough to hold a large battery but also be gorgeous to look at and extremely comfortable to hold.

Effortlessly Integrating Multiple Devices in One

Our team has conducted extensive research to understand the unique needs and preferences of modern professionals who are constantly on the go. With our focus on usability, portability, and aesthetics, we have developed wireless chargers that seamlessly integrate into the fast-paced lifestyles of our clients.
Through in-depth user interviews, market analysis, and design exploration, we have identified key pain points and desires of busy professionals when it comes to charging their devices. Our research has revealed the importance of sleek and minimalist design, as professionals value products that complement their professional image while providing practical functionality. By incorporating cutting-edge technology and elegant design elements, our wireless chargers not only simplify charging but also enhance the overall user experience for busy professionals who demand efficiency and style in every aspect of their lives.

A Sleek Symphony for your Mobile Experience

In the meticulous development of our power bank, we placed a significant emphasis on form development, recognising that the shape of the device plays a pivotal role in its overall ergonomics and seamless integration with protective cases.
Our primary objective was to address the prevalent inconvenience of protruding cables and bulky power banks in pockets or purses. The design team committed to crafting a stunning and compact structure that not only housed a robust battery but also prioritized exceptional comfort and aesthetics. By doing so, we aimed to eliminate the hindrance described by many users: the cumbersome experience of wielding a power bank alongside a phone, a setup that traditionally occupied one or both hands and impeded daily activities, especially for those carrying additional items like bags or purses.

Addressing the inconvenience of using a power bank with a phone, our design aimed to revolutionize the user experience. First and foremost, we tackled the challenge of a bulky setup occupying hands and restricting mobility. By prioritizing form development, we ensured that the power bank seamlessly integrated with the phone and cases, eliminating protruding cables and bulky structures that hindered ease of use. This solution transcended traditional design limitations, offering users a compact yet powerful alternative that aligned with their aesthetic and functional preferences.

Secondly, our design specifically considered the impact on users when on the go, recognizing that a cumbersome setup could limit daily activities. Through careful form development, we not only addressed the physical hindrance but also prioritized ergonomics, allowing users to carry the power bank and phone comfortably without impeding their movements. This user-centric approach transformed the power bank from a utilitarian device to a sleek, essential companion for those navigating a dynamic and fast-paced lifestyle.

Lastly, we acknowledged the challenges faced by individuals carrying additional items like bags or purses. The power bank's form development took into account the need for a design that seamlessly integrates into various daily carry setups, ensuring that users could enjoy the benefits of portable charging without compromising on style or convenience. The result was a power bank that elegantly fits into the user's lifestyle, providing a solution that transcends the limitations of conventional designs and enhances the overall mobile experience.

Trailblazing On-the-Go Charging Solution

Embark on a new era of charging convenience with our trailblazing On-the-Go Charging Solution, meticulously designed to liberate individuals from the daily challenges of power depletion on the move. This groundbreaking solution is a testament to our commitment to seamlessly integrate industrial design, marketing prowess, and user-centric innovation.
The power bank, crafted with precision and style, serves as the beacon of reliability for your unique electronic item, ensuring uninterrupted power when you need it the most. We understand the frustration of being powerless on the go, and our solution is a beacon of liberation, offering a transformative charging experience that transcends conventional limitations. With a sleek and portable design, our On-the-Go Charging Solution becomes an indispensable companion, effortlessly eliminating the nuances of running out of power and enhancing your daily experiences with unparalleled convenience.

Innovative Design: Crafted a trailblazing On-the-Go Charging Solution with precision and style. Industrial design excellence ensures a visually appealing and functional power bank.

Unique Electronic Compatibility: Tailored the solution to charge a unique consumer electronic item. Specifically designed to meet the charging needs of a distinctive electronic device.

Reliable On-the-Go Power: A transformative charging experience that liberates users from power constraints. Ensures uninterrupted power for your unique electronic item, enhancing daily experiences with unparalleled convenience.

Our journey to create this trailblazing On-the-Go Charging Solution began with a deep understanding of the daily challenges individuals face when their unique electronic items run out of power on the go. Industrial design played a pivotal role in shaping a power bank that not only meets functional requirements but also captivates with its aesthetics. The result is a visually appealing and portable charging solution that seamlessly integrates into the user's lifestyle.

The uniqueness of our solution extends beyond design to its compatibility with a specific consumer electronic item. Tailored to meet the charging needs of this distinctive device, our On-the-Go Charging Solution ensures optimal performance and efficiency, eliminating any compatibility concerns users may face with generic power banks.

What sets our solution apart is its commitment to providing reliable on-the-go power. Recognising the frustration associated with power constraints, we designed this solution to be transformative, liberating users from the stress of running out of battery. With our trailblazing On-the-Go Charging Solution, users can confidently navigate their daily activities, knowing that their unique electronic item is always powered up and ready for action.

User Experience with Thoughtful Design

The end user experience of our On-the-Go Charging Solution is a seamless blend of convenience, style, and reliability, designed with busy professionals in mind. With an in-built mirror to double up as a make-up companion, our sleek power bank becomes an essential device, effortlessly integrating into their daily routine.
The inclusion of a neatly integrated cable eliminates the need for carrying additional accessories, ensuring that professionals can charge their unique electronic item and phone with unparalleled ease. The sleek design enhances the overall aesthetic, complementing the user's style while maintaining a compact form for portability.

The power bank's compatibility with a broad range of consumer electronic items caters to the unique needs of professionals who rely on specialized devices. Whether in meetings, on business trips, or during daily commutes, our solution ensures uninterrupted power, liberating users from the inconvenience of running out of battery. The transformative charging experience not only streamlines their workflow but also adds a touch of sophistication to their tech-savvy lifestyle. With the built-in flip mirror, busy professionals can confidently stay in their best look, knowing that their devices are ready for action whenever and wherever they need them.

Meticulously Engineered for Performance

In launching our trailblazing On-the-Go Charging Solution into the market, our approach was characterised by meticulous attention to manufacturing precision and user-centric design. The journey commenced with a comprehensive Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis, ensuring the seamless integration of industrial design excellence and functional efficiency.
Advanced CAD methodologies played a pivotal role, providing a virtual canvas for refining the power bank's structure, optimizing its form, and ensuring compatibility with the unique electronic item.

Prototyping stood as a cornerstone in our strategy, allowing for iterative testing and refinement to fine-tune both aesthetics and functionality. Through an agile manufacturing approach, we conducted limited production runs to gather user feedback and assess market response. This iterative process empowered us to make necessary adjustments and enhancements before scaling up production.

The launch strategy was designed to uphold our commitment to delivering a product that not only meets but exceeds user expectations. Whether the product has been officially launched or is in the pre-launch phase, the approach remains consistent – a fusion of DFM precision, CAD refinement, and iterative prototyping, ensuring that our On-the-Go Charging Solution is not just a power bank but a transformative experience for busy professionals.

Redefining Consumer Electronics with Wireless Charging Innovation

The introduction of the wireless charger has heralded a revolution in the design of consumer electronics, reshaping the way users interact with their devices. At Analogy, we have witnessed firsthand the profound impact of this innovative technology on our clients' experiences and our business. With increased sales for Just Elegance and overwhelmingly positive feedback from users, our wireless chargers have become a beloved staple in the lives of consumers. Moreover, the clever integration of a mirror into our power bank design has resonated deeply with users, offering a thoughtful touch that makes them feel cared for and listened to. At Analogy, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of design innovation to create products that not only meet the needs of our customers but also exceed their expectations, leaving a lasting impression on their lives.


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