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Upgrading Innovative Cooking Solutions with Flameless Technology

Agnisumukh means the “friendly face of fire” in Sanskrit and is the dream-child of the passionate entrepreneur, Mr. Hari Rao. Specialising in manufacturing smokeless radiant heat cooking equipment for commercial kitchens, Agnisumukh is committed to promoting healthy and eco-friendly cooking practices.
Their patented technology, with versatile applications in gas fuels, underscores their commitment to innovation in recreating the uniform heat and cooking experience reminiscent of traditional charcoal ovens.In our collaborative journey with Agnisumukh, we undertook the pivotal role of shaping a comprehensive range of commercial cooking equipment. This strategic initiative aimed at not only fortifying the brand's global footprint but also addressing a unique set of challenges. The formidable task of meeting custom requirements for esteemed brands such as ITC, Akshaya Patra, and the Indian Army posed significant hurdles. The consequence was a massive accumulation of inventory, soaring manufacturing costs, and redundant maintenance efforts, prompting a critical need for operational optimisation.Our mission here at the design studio was clear: make Agnisumukh's production run smoother than a perfectly spun yarn. We did this by carefully slimming down the number of parts they needed to keep on hand i.e Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). This wasn't just about saving money – it was about making Agnisumukh a dream to work with for big-name brands. No more custom tweaks slowing things down. Instead, we built a nimble system that could respond to any chef's needs, fast.But our partnership with Agnisumukh goes way beyond shiny surfaces and clever knobs. We see challenges as stepping stones to a better future, where kitchens are both green and efficient. It is a commitment to transforming challenges into opportunities, contributing to a more sustainable and efficient future for the culinary landscape. Agnisumukh isn't just selling fancy stoves, they're changing the game for commercial kitchens everywhere.

Designing a Product for Various Needs

Six clever building blocks were our key, each one packed with the power to mix and match into countless product options. These blocks were meticulously crafted for reusability and to revolutionize Agnisumukh's manufacturing process.
The ingenious design not only facilitated the production of diverse product variations using the same tooling but also laid the groundwork for scalability. Our approach extended beyond mere design; it encompassed the creation of burners and equipment that were inherently scalable. This scalability translated into the adaptability of configurations, catering seamlessly to a spectrum of kitchen spaces — from compact 6×4 ft environments to expansive kitchens of renowned international brands.We hit a sweet spot with this strategy! Not only did it cater to everyone, from tiny kitchens to bustling restaurants, but it was also incredibly budget-friendly. We kept things lean during manufacturing, making sure anyone could afford Agnisumukh and ensured accessibility without sacrificing quality or flexibility.And because the end users’ cooking experience matters to us, we made picking the right product a breeze. Customers were presented with a curated selection of pre-defined combinations, eliminating the need for arduous customization processes. e've put together a bunch of pre-selected options that work perfectly for different needs. So, instead of starting from scratch and feeling overwhelmed, you can simply choose the one that's your perfect kitchen match.

Visualising Real-world Challenges

Putting ourselves in our users' shoes was key for Agnisumukh. Our team of designers observed users in real-life kitchen environments to identify and map the right problems.
By spending time in various kitchens where the flameless cooking systems and eco-friendly commercial kitchen equipment were installed, we were able to uncover latent issues that eluded the notice of even seasoned equipment users.Our findings revealed three primary challenges:Inventory management, where the client had more than 24 unique product SKU's which resulted in a high inventory and management cost, higher efforts in assembly and redundant parts in BOM resulting in product identity as well as increased operational costs.The kitchen staff spent long hours with the control interfaces, and the height of the appliances and automation features were key to help chefs and cooks make the best use of the product.The client is a pioneer in radiant heat tech and one of the very few who adhere to 15 of the 17 UN SDG goals. But their existing range of products did not showcase this sophistication on the product side as it was built and had not gone through a clear design process to refine the product range.
The Solution

One Product and a Scalable Architecture

Agnisumukh uses modularity as its cornerstone to streamline and reduce the multiple parts of a commercial kitchen. Beyond being an assemblage of components, it represents a shift in how kitchens operate, envisioning a future where simplicity harmonizes with functionality.
Our journey with Agnisumukh began with a keen scrutiny of the existing inventory, revealing a complexity that bore the weight of numerous individual products, each with overlapping functions. When we uncovered this key insight, it unlocked a whole new approach to design. We embraced a process of continuous refinement, where we could make things simpler and sleeker, all while keeping them just as powerful.Clever additions like modular attachments break free from the old way of doing things, where every tool had its own space and purpose. Instead, they combine similar jobs into powerhouse units.This isn't just about fancy design, it's a smart solution to the clutter of too many gadgets. By joining forces, we can shrink the shopping list and make managing the kitchen a breeze. The result? Less stuff, less fuss, and more time for cooking up something amazing: streamlined inventory, a reduction in the number of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), and a profound shift toward operational simplicity.Forget kitchens packed with bulky equipment. Agnisumukh's adoption of modularity is not just about minimizing parts; it's a testament to a thoughtful approach. Instead of just cramming in more parts, they focus on smart, modular pieces that work together seamlessly. This isn't just about saving space. It's about rethinking how kitchens work. Agnisumukh believes that simple, well-designed elements, when combined with a little ingenuity, can revolutionize the way we cook in commercial kitchens.

Uniqueness in Familiarity

Agnisumukh is all about making cooks' lives easier and helping businesses thrive, both for today and the future. Think of it as the perfect blend of awesome tech and clever design, working together to make kitchens better and greener, one step at a time.
At its core, Agnisumukh redefines the conventional notion of a commercial kitchen experience. It's not just a new appliance, it's a fresh way of thinking about cooking for professionals. It's designed to make life easier for chefs, cooks, and even the maintenance crew, by tackling all the tricky parts of running a kitchen. The secret? Agnisumukh's smart design lets you mix and match different pieces, like building blocks. This makes it work for any kitchen, big or small, and it makes it a joy to use. It's not just about the product, it's about making cooking a whole lot better.In the world of professional kitchens, Agnisumukh is an ally for chefs and cooks, offering a smooth and efficient environment. The modularity, manifested in six fundamental blocks, serves as a versatile toolkit, empowering users to tailor their cooking equipment to specific needs. This flexibility not only enhances operational efficiency but also allows for a dynamic adaptation to various kitchen spaces, from compact culinary havens to expansive, bustling commercial kitchens of international brands.Imagine a kitchen where everything just clicks. No cumbersome setup, no wasted space. That's what Agnisumukh brings to professional chefs. Six super-useful pieces you can mix and match to create the perfect cooking station for your kitchen, big or small. This flexibility makes everyone's lives easier. Chefs and cooks work smoother, kitchens run more efficiently, and everyone gets to focus on what they do best: making amazing food.In essence, Agnisumukh emerges not just as a commercial kitchen equipment provider but as a holistic enabler of culinary excellence. It is a narrative that unfolds in the daily operations of kitchens, where innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction converge into a singular and unparalleled solution, redefining the very fabric of the culinary landscape.

Prototyping for Hands-on thinking

We used paper prototypes to quickly ideate and test various designs and layouts for the six basic blocks. This allowed us to rapidly ideate, experiment with, and assess various designs and layouts in a tangible, hands-on manner.
Paper prototypes, with their tangible nature, allowed us to delve deeper into the layout, how things worked together, and how comfortable they felt. This physical play helped uncover hidden problems with spacing, interaction, and comfort, things you'd miss on a screen. It was like building a rough draft of your idea in real life, catching errors before they turned into major roadblocks.By trying out different versions of our kitchen design on paper, we could quickly see what worked and what didn't. We imagined chefs, cooks, and even repair folks moving the blocks around like building blocks, and discovered things on paper that we wouldn't have caught on a computer screen. This hands-on testing let us fix any rough spots before building the real thing, making the final design way smoother and more user-friendly for everyone.

Innovating Culinary Landscapes: Agnisumukh's Transformative Impact on Commercial Kitchens

Agnisumukh, born from the visionary pursuit of creating the "friendly face of fire," has not only revolutionised commercial kitchen equipment but left an indelible mark on the culinary landscape.
The impact of Agnisumukh transcends innovation, echoing through the corridors of kitchens globally. By addressing critical challenges such as inventory management, control interface ergonomics, and the alignment of product sophistication with sustainable goals, Agnisumukh has ushered in an era of operational efficiency and user-centric design. The strategic introduction of six fundamental blocks, designed for reusability and scalability, not only streamlined manufacturing but also empowered a diverse range of customers, from small kitchens to international brands. This approach has not just redefined the product; it has elevated the entire user experience. Agnisumukh stands as a beacon of transformative design, where modularity, innovation, and sustainability converge to shape the future of commercial kitchens, leaving an enduring impact on culinary practices and the ethos of the industry at large.


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