Elixir of the Gods, Skara was inspired by Viking objects

From the dawn of civilization, bottles have been more than just containers. They’ve been art, symbol, and story, carrying within them not just liquids but histories and cultures. Drawing from this rich tapestry of history, we present our latest design – ‘Skara’, a bottle inspired by the Viking era, and an embodiment of the phrase ‘Elixir of the Gods’.

The inspiration

The Viking Age, from the late eighth to early 11th century, was a period marked by significant cultural and technological achievements. Vikings, known for their seafaring prowess, also left a lasting legacy through their intricate craftsmanship and stunning artistry. ‘Skara’ borrows from these powerful motifs, creating a design narrative that pays homage to the Norse gods and the legendary warriors of the Viking age.

The design

Skara’s design elements are replete with references to Viking artifacts and mythology. The bottle’s shape is inspired by the sleek contours of a Viking longboat, signifying exploration and bravery. Its structure carries a distinct sense of forward movement, echoing the daring spirit of the Viking explorers.

The bottle’s surface is adorned with engravings reminiscent of Viking runestones. These intricate designs weave together scenes from Norse mythology, bringing to life tales of Odin, Thor, and other deities. Interwoven amongst these mythical depictions are runic inscriptions, adding an authentic touch to the design.

At the heart of the bottle lies the ‘elixir’ itself. The use of a translucent glass base provides a tantalizing glimpse into the liquid within, conjuring images of mead-filled feasts in Viking halls.

Material and craftsmanship

In line with our commitment to sustainability and quality, Skara is crafted from 100% recycled glass. Each bottle is handblown, combining modern sustainability standards with traditional craftsmanship techniques. The engraved patterns are hand-etched, ensuring every bottle is as unique as the Viking artifacts that inspired them.

More than just a beverage container, Skara seeks to evoke a connection with history

It conjures up a sense of adventure and the grandeur of ancient Nordic myths, transforming each sip into an immersive storytelling experience. The design aims to appeal not just to the taste buds, but also to the imagination, allowing users to embark on a cultural journey with each use.

In terms of practicality, the sturdy construction ensures the bottle’s longevity, while the etched surface provides a secure grip. The recyclable nature of the materials used underlines our commitment to preserving the earth, as the Vikings preserved their stories for future generations.

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