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Designing a line of luxury mobile accessories for Lily Kwong

In collaboration with Lily Kwong, Cellairis engaged us to create a modular, hi-end, luxury mobile accessory range, that was created as a tribute to her friends. These cases had to be designed to reflect different materials, crystals, finishes and graphical prints.
Our approach started with optimising the design to create a scalable product architecture for 8 different versions to enhance the design of the case in particular. We specifically wanted to focus on a simple, elegant and easy to manufacture product architecture.

Ideation for Innovation

We began the process with extensive calls with Lily and her team to understand and map out each persona with their characters and highlights. Based on this, we started working on ideating with various materials and graphical prints.
Lily had a very particular style of moodboards and they greatly helped in setting up the tone for each case SKU that we were working on. Before this we had to nail down a canvas for her creativity to be added upon. So our ideation focused on a multiple modular architecture where an outer metal sleeve would envelope a front and back PC in a clamshell format. The metal sleeve had recess areas to add various materials and crystals and this gave us unlimited possibilities to pick and choose various materials and construction methodology.

The attention to detail needed for these cases, which were priced from 199$ to 699$ on the higher end Swarovski crystals was extreme and we had to create small jewellery inspired bespoke latches, buttons and rose gold engraving on each of these metal sleeves. Our inspiration was to create a bejewelled experience for all 8 variants of cases. This meant that we had to create a ton of prototypes and also create a variety of variations in our design work. From sketches, to CAD files to 3d printed prototypes, we had to create more than 120 tangible options not to mention multiple interactions with the factory in China to make adjustments so the hard cast production process was updated in real time.

Uniqueness in Materials and Finishes

Our innovative approach integrates cutting-edge CMF with ergonomic design, offering consumers an intuitive product for precise control and daily use. All materials and finishes were carefully curated to have the right quality through a careful CMF strategy and design direction.
As the social whirl of Instagram, Twitter, and Vine continued its fashion-world takeover, there was no denying that the iPhone had become everyone's most prized and most visible accessory at that time. But with the high rate of screen shatterings yet curiously short supply of luxury cases and covers, the time had come for smart phones to look a bit, well, smarter. "I had an epiphany after seeing friends in Prada shoes and Balenciaga jackets with flimsy plastic or rubber iPhone covers which were always facedown at dinner tables," says Lily Kwong, who's spent the past year rethinking iPhone armor with Atlanta-based company Cellairis. May 2013 marked the launch of LK, her debut line of iPhone and iPad cases inspired by hyper-texture on the runway and the tactility of exotic animal skins.

User Experience and Unboxing

In order to provide a premium experience to users, the packaging had to be multilayered to take them through the exact process and experience of assembling the case and choosing the bracelet. We also worked to provide an extra bracelet so the user can customise their case.
We believe that for an unparalleled user experience, it had to begin with the very first touchpoint – the unboxing moment. We had to create a packaging design that would really bring focus into the bespoke nature of the brand and create a luxurious journey of discovery. Each layer of the packaging was carefully curated to unveil the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail that defines the product. From the moment users lift the lid to reveal the sleek contours of the case to the final unveiling of the additional bracelet nestled within, every element is thoughtfully put together to evoke a sense of anticipation and delight. By smoothly integrating form and function, the packaging design not only enhances the unboxing experience but also reflects the sophistication and elegance of the Lily Kwong brand.

We were able to design a simple and easy to use case architecture. There was a bracelet with a snap and hinge and a iphone case back that had various different materials on it. The initial premise of this architecture was that any bracelet can be paired with any back to create multiple different variations and as a collection they had to be taken off and put back with ease.

In addition to its intuitive functionality, the case architecture had unparalleled uniqueness in materials and finishes. This was achieved as we wrapped the materials over the PC back instead of cutting and stitching it in place. This gave it an uber premium feel where users never had to interact with a plastic edge. We curated a diverse array of materials, ranging from luxurious leather to sleek metals and vibrant textiles, allowing users to express their individuality through their chosen combinations. Each material was carefully selected for its quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, ensuring that every variation exuded sophistication and style. Furthermore, the attention to detail extended to the finishes, with options ranging from matte to glossy, textured to smooth, providing further opportunities for customization and personalization.

Engineered for details

Every element of the product had to be engineered with a high degree of precision and care. Due to the bejewelled nature of the product, most areas had very little space for the mould details. Each Swarovski crystal had to be placed and fused in place and the hinge and clasp had to be soft but firm in holding the overall case in place.
Every aspect of the product is engineered to deliver a superior user experience. The bracelets are crafted using the finest materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, ensuring unparalleled durability and precision. The innovative bracelet-snap-hinge system, a patented design element, allows for effortless customisation and interchangeability, giving users the freedom to express their unique style. Behind the sleek exterior lies a strong frame of internal structure designed to provide maximum protection for your device without compromising on comfort. The commitment to engineering excellence extends beyond just the product itself; it's about creating a seamless ecosystem where form meets function to elevate the everyday

Stand tall. Confidence transforms an outfit.

The impact of the design for Lily Kwong resulted in a super successful launch with a ton of PR and publicity for the high end luxury phone cases and clutches. The Products themselves were sold in a variety of outlets and online ecommerce stores as well as Cellairis kiosks and stores.


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