Designing an Inspiring WFH space for Employee Engagement

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to switch to a remote work setup to ensure the safety of their employees. As a result, the concept of the “home office” has become increasingly popular. As we progress towards normalcy, many companies are continuing with remote work or offer remote work as an option to employees. This may be because of reduced overheads for the companies while productivity remains unchanged. However, working from home brings with it a plethora of unique distractions and challenges that aren’t present when working from office. Tackling these challenges and creating a workspace that inspires and promotes employee engagement is essential.

Design plays a critical role in creating a WFH setup that promotes employee engagement. The design elements should be thoughtful, functional and aesthetically pleasing. For example, choosing a desk that is large enough to accommodate all necessary work equipment and has sufficient storage space, can help reduce clutter and increase productivity. However, a desk that’s too large to fit in the space available to an employee renders the whole set up useless. Similarly, a monitor stand that adjusts to the user’s eye level can reduce neck and eye strain.

By customizing the WFH setup with their company logo and other identifiable graphic elements on the items, employers can also promote a sense of belonging and reinforce their brand identity. Simple branding like printing the company’s logo on the headphones band, using company’s marketing images as background of the mousepads and painting the headphones stand to the colour of the company’s logo are surefire ways to improve brand recall. Such subtle branding can be a simple yet powerful way to foster a sense of community and pride among remote employees. Employer branding through these items also reinforces the idea that the company cares for their employees among the employees’ friends and family who see the set up on a frequent basis.

Creating a WFH setup that inspires also requires selecting high-quality equipment using premium materials. Offering keyboards with pre-lubed keys, high DPI mice with smooth movement, and noise cancelling headphones as well as comfy chairs can help employees stay focused and engaged throughout the workday. A WFH setting that is customised to each employee’s needs can also develop a sense of gratitude and respect, which can have a big impact on employee engagement and morale. Such efforts can directly improve the Employee Net Promotor Score (eNPS) and improve the company’s standing among the general public.

Creating a custom WFH set up for employees is an easy and untapped method to improve employee satisfaction and engagement in the remote work era. HR leaders must look into creating customized WFH setups that offers a company branded work experience to their employees. By emphasizing their brand identity in the setup and choosing the items keeping design and functionality in mind, employers can create a workspace that not only inspires but also fosters a sense of community, belonging and pride among remote employees.

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