How Analogy can get your products featured on SharkTank

Here is a list of SharkTank products that we at Analogy love. Right after each SharkTank product is an example of a similar product created by Analogy. You can get your products to be featured on SharkTank, get hundreds of thousands of eyes on your product when the show airs and increase your company’s valuation by millions.

What's on SharkTank

The Phoozy Insulated Phone Case empowers technology users to pursue their passions and epic outdoor adventures without worry of environmental limitations. PHOOZY premium products provide thermal, drop and float protection for smartphones and coming soon, tablets and laptops.

Silver phone case with a black ring on top
Image by Phoozy
Silver phone case with a smartphone inside
Image by Phoozy

What Analogy has designed

The Cellairis Showcase phone case was designed to challenge the status quo of protective case manufacturing. Unlike traditional protective cases, our design seamlessly integrates soft and hard materials without the need for co-molding, resulting in a sleek and lightweight yet highly protective case. The Cellairis Showcase iPhone case have made a significant impact in the protective phone case market. With a 60% reduction in tooling costs, three times more protection than rival products, and a 25% decrease in bulkiness, our product has redefined the standards of phone protection.

Three iPhone phone cases on a white table
Image by Analogy: Showcase

The Cellairis Universal Laptop Case is a universal protective case for a range of chrome books for K12 Education. These chrome-books range from 11" to 15" with a variety of brands including HP, Google, Acer and many more. The impact of this project extends far beyond the creation of a universal laptop case. By successfully navigating the intricate challenges of accommodating Chromebooks ranging from 11" to 14", we not only delivered superior protection and adaptability but also achieved significant cost savings of over USD 135,000 in tooling expenses. Our design established a consistent product line language, enhancing brand identity and user familiarity across diverse laptop enclosures. The meticulously engineered features, such as flexible corners, optimised heat dissipation, and a strong TPU hinge, culminated in a stellar user experience. This project exemplifies our commitment to pushing design boundaries and achieving excellence.

A laptop case with a laptop inside
Image by Analogy: Universal Laptop Case

Feature Laden Backpacks

What's on SharkTank

Loctote's Industrial Bag Company's Flak Sack is the ultimate in personal protection. Crafted in a heavily slash-resistant blend of premium fabrics that were originally developed as high-performance body armor, the bag is protected from quick strikes of the knife. The drawstring closure is backed with a heavy-duty brass lock that's easy to set up and undo when you need to get into your bag, but it still keeps unwanted guests out of your pockets. The outer material is super soft, while remaining water resistant. There's even an interior pocket with RFID blocking that keeps credit cards and more protected from digital scanners.

Five grey and block totebags in white background
Image by Loctote

What Analogy has designed

We collaborated with Wildcraft to create a range of smart products that add to the ever-changing lifestyle, including the Wildcraft Urban Warrior backpack. By delving deep into user behaviours and addressing their problems head-on, we crafted a lineup of products that not only resonate with Wildcraft's core demographic of outdoor enthusiasts and urban warriors but also attract a new wave of young, smart, and tech-savvy professionals. With a slew of features like anti-theft zip and seams, retractable earphones, on the go charging and a myriad of other selling points, this design elevates the backpack, ensuring it caters to the diverse needs of adventure enthusiasts and urban warriors alike.

Black backpack with Wildcraft braning, on black background
Image by Analogy: Wildcraft

Smart Padlocks

What's on SharkTank

Traditional padlocks have one major shortcoming - if you forget your key or combination, you're out of luck. With Benjilock, your key is something you always have with you (hopefully) - your finger. This 7-pin cylinder padlock has the security of a traditional lock, with heavy duty design and a stainless steel construction, but you won't find a dial or keypad here. Instead, a small touchscreen enables you to simply use your fingerprint for a quick unlock, the way you probably unlock your cellphone.

White padlock with finger print sensor
Image by Benjilock

What Analogy has designed

Seniority approached us to solve two key challenges in their product packaging. Firstly, consolidating sub-brands under the main brand umbrella to unify messaging around brand values. Secondly, bridging the gap between millennial purchasers and elderly users while maintaining neutrality. The overwhelming appreciation expressed by 85% of surveyed senior citizens for the new packaging underscores the significance of user-friendly features tailored to address the unique challenges faced by an aging population. This resounding endorsement not only validates the efficacy of inclusive design practices but also highlights the profound impact they can have on consumer satisfaction and brand perception. Furthermore, the remarkable 35% increase in orders following the redesign serves as tangible evidence of the direct correlation between positive user experience and enhanced sales performance.

Two packed locks in a white background
Image by Analogy

Smart Apps for Fitness

What's on SharkTank

SmartPlate is a digital plate that recognizes and weighs food data automatically. It uses cameras like the one already present in your smartphone to take a photo of whatever food you set on your plate. From there, it uses a series of sensors to weigh the food, and then ships this information to the Fitly database. In just seconds, your meal has been logged in the app without a fuss.

A plate with food, a weighing scale, a smart phone and a cardboard box on a black table
Image by GetSmartPlate

What Analogy has designed

As the brainchild of our creative expertise, Insane AI seamlessly integrates AI and your phone's camera to track your every movement, count reps, and provide a comprehensive analysis of your entire workout. This is more than just a fitness app; it's a venture into the metaverse, where the future of fitness meets the world of technology. Our design for the brand and app is a testament to the fusion of innovation and sophistication. The bold logo, a synthesis of 'I' and a right arrow, symbolizes motion and progress. With a clean design language, vibrant colors, and a modern font, Insane AI not only energizes your workout but also brings a touch of futuristic elegance to your fitness routine. The impact of Insane AI reverberates across fitness tech and beyond. Boasting a remarkable 4+ star rating on both AppStore and PlayStore, the app not only garnered user acclaim but also positioned Insane AI as a pioneer in the fitness tech industry.

Multiple screens from a fitness app called Insane AI
Image by Analogy

UV Sanitizing for Personal Belongings

What's on SharkTank

The PhoneSoap Charger uses two UV-C lights to bathe your phone in bacteria-destroying light. When you plug your phone in to charge and close the lid of the PhoneSoap Charger, the device's two UV lights are automatically activated and run for 5 minutes. This kills 999% of the bacteria on your phone. Put it in for a quick clean or leave it overnight.

A white rectangular phone sanitizer in a white background
Image by PhoneSoap

What Analogy has designed

Violet Ease approached us during COVID-19 pandemic to design a product for quick sanitation of daily-use items. We took an avant-garde approach from an appliance-device industry perspective and came up with Shepherd - the first-of-its-kind product in this category. The no-touch interface, controlled through intuitive gestures, was a crucial element allowing users to interact with Shepherd without any fear of contamination. Shepherd mixes cutting-edge technology with intuitive design. From the moment users approach the device, they are greeted with a sleek and approachable form, a departure from the intimidating black boxes of traditional appliances. In parallel, we developed Shepherd Mini, recognising the need for on-the-go sanitisation solutions. By integrating the same advanced technology into a portable, palm-sized device, we ensured that users could carry the same level of protection wherever they went. Shepherd’s product language and form exemplifies our strength and courage during a time when our own senses couldn't be trusted. Shepherd is the outcome of our learnings from the pandemic and it arms humanity with the tools to stand in defiance against any future pandemics that may arise.

A white UV-C sanitizing device with lid open, on a grey background
Image by Analogy

Pet Toys and Snuffle Mats for Maximum Engagement and Fun

What's on Shark Tank

SwiftPaws is the leader in lure coursing equipment and the most technologically advanced. The SwiftPaws Home Original comprises a main unit that powers the course and is controlled remotely by the human at speeds upto 30 mph. Three pulleys mark the corners of the course that spans up to 300 feet and are held in place by stakes or tethers with the flags being pulled swiftly along the bright pink line. All the components fit conveniently into a custom tote bag.

A lure course holder, packaging, nylin thread, gripper device and three spools on a white background
Image by SwiftPaws

What Analogy has designed- Snuffle Mats

Unleash a new era of engagement for your furry friend with our specially crafted Snuffle Mat. Designed for a passionate dog lover in the US, this mat transforms mealtime into an exciting adventure. By sprinkling kibble on the mat, your dog uses its innate sense of smell, making every meal an enriching experience. Beyond a pet accessory, our Snuffle Mat fosters moments of joy, strengthening the bond between you and your canine companion. The impact goes beyond play; it extends to a holistic approach to your dog's well-being, ensuring a healthier, happier, and more engaged pet.

A snuffle mat laid out flat, and another snuffle mat rolled on its side
Image by Analogy: Snuffle Mats

Smart Bicycle Systems

What's on SharkTank

Each year, more than 50,000 people are injured in bicycle accidents. Many of these could have been prevented with better visibility of and for the cyclist. Revolights has designed an innovative bike lighting system that solves all of these problems. It moves the headlight and tail light from the bike frame directly onto the wheels. With Revolights, you get 360 degrees of illumination. The front and rear lights project ahead, behind and on both sides of the bicycle. The secret is in the system's accelerometers that tell the lighting system which way is forward and which way is back.

Bicycle with lights on wheels
Image by Revolights

What Analogy has designed

The Shard exercycle embodies a groundbreaking approach to home fitness equipment, seamlessly merging immersive mixed media and IoT technology to redefine the exercise experience. Shard emerged from a deep-seated desire to address a pressing issue within the cycling industry: the disconnect between traditional fitness routines and modern lifestyles. Recognising the gradual departure from active childhoods to sedentary adult lives dominated by nine-to-five work schedules, we identified a need for a fresh perspective on home fitness solutions. The impact of the Shard project reverberates across multiple dimensions, from its innovative approach to home fitness to its recognition on the global stage. By seamlessly blending art, technology, and functionality, Shard has redefined the way individuals approach exercise, transforming mundane workouts into immersive experiences.

A modern, futuristic exercise cycle on wooden floor in a house
Image by Analogy: Shard

Cooking Aids

What's on SharkTank

The Handy Pan is a high quality frying pan with a built-in strainer that allows you to remove excess grease and liquid safely without fear of being scalded simply by pushing a button. Plus it is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It is a solution to drying a frying pan without having the oil go all over or the meat tumble out. No more clumsy colander, random lid, or any of the other ineffective and inconvenient utensils that so many of us use.

Woman draining liquid from a pan, in a kitchen
Image by HandyPan

What Analogy has designed

Ever found yourself grappling with the challenge of effortlessly flipping an unwieldy cast iron pan while making your morning omelet? Through meticulous design studies, Analogy has ingeniously crafted a solution to these distinctive flipping challenges that often go unnoticed by others. It’s a stirring spoon, pancake flipper, and scraper all in one! A multifunctional tool which makes it an indispensable kitchen companion. Our innovative spatula redefines kitchen dynamics, expertly crafted for stirring, mixing, and flipping. Melding tradition with innovation, it boasts ergonomic design, durable materials, and multifunctionality. Elevate your culinary adventures with a tool that marries timeless functionality with modern ingenuity, setting a new standard in kitchen utensils.

A pan with an egg white and yolk in it, being flipped by a spatula
Image by Analogy: Flip

Mounts for Electronic Devices

What's on SharkTank

A common problem hikers face is forgetting their tripod to snap photos. When make-shift solutions like propping the phone on a tree or against a rock fail, the phone ends up damaged and broken. The Tenikle Suction Tripod is a solution for this problem. Inspired by octopus in the ocean, it uses suction cups and a tentacle like design for maximum grip. It uses materials and methods that are better for the environment such as silicone instead of harmful plastics.

Purple tripod with a phone
Image by Tenikle

What Analogy has designed

In today’s ever-changing market, electronics need a design upgrade. The idea is to build thoughtful products but make it unique when you think the idea already exists in the world. Cellairis Bolt is a product that solves pain points that delivery executives face while making deliveries and interacting with their company-provided tablet. At least 5 interactions happen each time a delivery executve stops to deliver a package. Tablet docking is bad when it's on a bad road, wires tangle and prevent easy delivery. The tablet mount solution we came up with boasted a 68% reduction in task repetition, 40% cost savings for Cellairis, and a 28% increase in magnetic strength.

Front view and side view of a tablet mount
Image by Analogy: Bolt

Home Beverage Appliances

What's on SharkTank

BEERMKR is a company dedicated to the brewing of fine beer at home. Their first product, Immersion, allowed beer brewers to create a lager style beer without the need for refrigeration. This new home brewing system is smaller, cleaner and basically idiot-proof. Many existing home brew systems take several hours to set up, are cumbersome and messy, and require transferring the beer during the brewing process. This home brewing system would take the home brewing process out of the basement and onto the kitchen counter.

A home beer-brewing machine on a kitchen countertop, next to wooden cutlery and a glass of beer.
Image by BEERMKR

What Analogy has designed

Three Indian friends in London, accounting and finance experts, saw a chance- a product for working professionals who love a quick cup of authentic chai. Dostea modernises chai making, while keeping the heart of a handmade cup. Inspired by the sun to deliver the emotion of sunrise and warmth, the Dostea x Analogy collaboration captures the authentic experience of homemade chai. Drawing inspiration from both UK and Indian industrial design excellence, the team ideated a unique tea machine body and mechanism. Traditional tea-making involves juggling pots, pans, strainers, and more, leading to a cacophony of clinking and a kitchen left in disarray.  By simplifying the ritual to a single button press, we streamlined the entire chai-making experience, delivering a fresh, home-brewed cup without the usual hassle and mess. The tea machine is crafted to replicate the authentic chai brewing process.

A circular tea machine on a kitchen counter top, next to a cup and saucer, and a glass carafe.
Image by Analogy

In conclusion, our journey through these innovative products showcased on Shark Tank and their analogous counterparts designed Analogy, highlights the undeniable potential for our products to grace the SharkTank stage, showcasig innovation and entrepreneurship. From revolutionary kitchen gadgets to groundbreaking tech solutions, each product exemplifies the spirit of ingenuity and forward-thinking design that defines both Shark Tank successes and our own portfolio. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional results and pushing the boundaries of design, we stand ready to collaborate with visionary entrepreneurs seeking to bring their ideas to life and make a lasting impact on the world. At Analogy, we don't just design products; we create opportunities for our clients to shine on the global stage, and our commitment to excellence ensures that each collaboration is met with the utmost dedication and creativity. Join us on this journey of innovation, and together, let's turn your dreams into reality.

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