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Design packaging that provides optimal protection
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We design packaging that looks amazing, clearly communicates, protects the products and is an extension of clients' brand story.

We help startups, entrepreneurs, inventors, and innovators turn their product ideas into reality.

Brand Audit & Design

We ensure the packaging not only captures the brand's essence but also stands out in the marketplace with innovative and user-friendly features with user & market research, trend analysis, ideation sessions, and initial sketching with a focus on sustainability, user experience, and brand consistency.
Outcome: A selection of creative, feasible packaging concepts that resonate with the target audience and embody the brand's values.

Prototype Development & User Testing

We refine our designs based on real-world feedback, ensuring the packaging is not only visually appealing but practical and enjoyable to use through the creation of detailed prototypes using actual materials, functional testing (e.g., opening mechanisms, protection levels), and user testing for feedback on design and usability.
Outcome: Refined prototype(s) validated for both aesthetic appeal and practical usability, ensuring the packaging design meets consumer needs and expectations.

Production Readiness & Quality Control

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How we deliver high-quality design

Studio, not a factory

Studio, not a factory

Quality is always better than quantity and we strongly believe in maintaining a lean team of specialists who can deliver the insane. Think of us as the special forces for your design needs. Our ability to think big, while being lean is what makes us special. Each relationship is unique.

Domain agnostic

Domain agnostic

We look at solving problems across the board and are not particular about focusing on an industry as we believe the principles of design are the same across the board. We also maintain a flat hierarchy in the studio which creates an equal emphasis on all individuals creating a stronger team and hence better work.

No buzzwords, we do design thinking

No buzzwords, we do design thinking

We’re not about jargon use and post-its to prove to the world how serious we are about design. We let our work do the talking. We’d like to believe that we don’t just use design thinking to solve problems but actually through our designs help people think, interact and feel.

No wires attached

No wires attached

Unlike a dated approach of using hard servers and depending on traditional methods, we adopt an on the go approach to be productive from any part of the globe. Hassle-free storage systems on the cloud and an agile kanban project management system keeps us on track and provides a clear direction to all individuals and remote teams working together.

Young and unbiased experience

Young and unbiased experience

We like to have a young set of minds to push boundaries and challenge daily norms to create true innovation. A team of talented young go getters are who we hire and are on the constant look out for. This is complemented with a strong experienced leadership team creating the perfect balance for an innovation practice.

Lean team, yet pack a punch

Lean team, yet pack a punch

We are structured in a way to be purposefully lean and focus on breakthrough innovation by selectively curating projects and working closely with our clients from concept to production. These result in generating valuable IP and also new methodologies for explosive results.

Strong set of verified partners

Strong set of verified partners

Over several years, we have cultivated a strong set of partners to help us with large scale projects across various functions while keeping the core innovation and IP driven work with inhouse teams. This way we can provide a clear value-add in terms of maintaining client confidentiality and scale at the same time leveraging multiple suppliers and vendors for larger projects.

Focused integrated teams

Focused integrated teams

Our hiring processes look for strong individuals with complementary and multidisciplinary skills. Unlike studios who have separate teams for Product, Graphic, UX and other disciplines which create inconsistency and disparity in deliverables, we focus on a team of a specialists who have multidisciplinary skill sets to make sure our work looks and feels consistently amazing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Packaging Design, and why is it important?

Packaging Design is the process of creating the exterior appearance of a product's packaging. It plays a crucial role in attracting consumers, communicating brand identity, and protecting the product during storage and transportation.

How can effective Packaging Design help my product stand out on the shelf?

Effective Packaging Design can help your product stand out by incorporating eye-catching visuals, unique structural elements, engaging messaging, and tactile finishes that capture consumer attention and differentiate your brand from competitors.

How can Packaging Design impact brand identity and recognition?

Packaging Design plays a significant role in shaping brand identity and recognition by conveying brand values, personality, and positioning through visual elements such as logos, colors, typography, and imagery. Consistent branding across packaging reinforces brand recognition and fosters consumer trust and loyalty.

How can Packaging Design contribute to sustainability and eco-friendliness?

Packaging Design can contribute to sustainability and eco-friendliness by using recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable materials, minimizing packaging waste, reducing carbon footprint throughout the lifecycle, and incorporating eco-friendly messaging to educate consumers about responsible disposal practices.

Can Packaging Design impact consumer perception and purchasing decisions?

Yes, Packaging Design can significantly impact consumer perception and purchasing decisions by influencing perceptions of product quality, value proposition, brand trustworthiness, and emotional appeal. Well-designed packaging can create positive associations and enhance the overall brand experience.

What factors should I consider when designing packaging for my product?

When designing packaging, it's essential to consider factors such as target audience demographics, product specifications, brand identity, regulatory requirements, shelf impact, sustainability goals, and budget constraints.

What is the process involved in creating custom packaging designs?

The process of creating custom packaging designs typically involves initial consultation and research, concept development, design iteration, prototyping and testing, final artwork preparation, and production file delivery. Each stage is tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of the client.

What are some current trends and innovations in Packaging Design?

Current trends and innovations in Packaging Design include sustainable materials and practices, minimalist and clean aesthetics, interactive and immersive packaging experiences, personalization and customization options, and smart packaging technologies such as QR codes and NFC tags.

What role does Packaging Design play in product safety and compliance?

Packaging Design plays a crucial role in ensuring product safety and compliance by incorporating protective features, clear labeling and instructions, tamper-evident seals, and regulatory information required by relevant authorities to meet industry standards and regulations.

How can I get started with Packaging Design services for my product?

Getting started with Packaging Design services is easy! Simply reach out to our team to schedule a consultation. We'll discuss your specific packaging needs, objectives, timeline, and budget, and develop a customized design strategy tailored to your requirements. Whether you're launching a new product or rebranding an existing one, we're here to help you create packaging that captivates consumers and drives sales.

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