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Dostea - Tea Machine

Modernising and Recreating the Experience and Essence of a Homemade Cup of Chai

Three Indian friends in London, accounting and finance experts, saw a chance- a product for working professionals who love a quick cup of authentic chai. The product modernises chai making, while keeping the heart of a handmade cup. >

Crafting the Perfect Tea Experience

Inspired by the sun to deliver the emotion of sunrise and warmth, the Dostea x Analogy collaboration captures the authentic experience of homemade chai. Drawing inspiration from both UK and Indian industrial design excellence, the team ideated a unique tea machine body and mechanism.
This partnership was fueled by a shared commitment to embodying chai's distinct taste, aroma, flavor, and vibrant color. The goal was to craft a visually appealing and functionally efficient device that not only brewed exceptional chai but also provided a great experience for users. Infused with innovation and precision, the Dostea-Analogy collaboration transcended the ordinary, elevating the tea-drinking experience. The machine, a testament to the artistry of tea-making, embraced taste, aroma, and vibrant hues, resonating with the sun's radiant energy. Each cup became a journey, encapsulating the very spirit of homemade chai, rooted in a shared commitment to excellence. We designed a special body and mechanism, focusing on both looks and efficiency. Our goal was to give not just a tasty cup of chai but also a visually exciting experience. The machine is crafted to capture the warmth and brightness of a sunrise, making every cup a joyous moment.

Ideating through Analogies

Traditional tea-making involves juggling pots, pans, strainers, and more, leading to a cacophony of clinking and a kitchen left in disarray. By simplifying the ritual to a single button press, we streamlined the entire chai-making experience, delivering a fresh, home-brewed cup without the usual hassle and mess.
Enter the Dostea Tea Machine, a tailored solution for the United Kingdom market. Engineered with precision, it seeks to eliminate the challenges associated with traditional chai preparation. The machine addresses the common grievances faced by chai enthusiasts – the cluttered kitchen, the myriad utensils, and the time-consuming process. The efficiency of the Dostea Tea Machine not only saves time but also transforms chai-making into an enjoyable affair, allowing users to savor the essence of chai without the usual chaos.

Authentic Chai, Hassle Free

The tea machine is crafted to replicate the authentic chai brewing process. Rigorous testing ensures best brewing conditions, resulting in a perfect flavor extraction that mirrors the richness of traditional chai. Internally, precision engineering meets user-friendliness.
Externally, the machine merges style and functionality, boasting a beautiful appearance and an intuitively designed interface. Controls are strategically placed for effortless operation, allowing users to navigate through the brewing process with ease. Thoughtful accessories enhance the homemade chai experience, including a removable kettle for simplified filling and cleaning, and a dedicated milk frother that adds versatility to chai preparation.

This fusion of careful design, advanced technology, and considerate accessories positions the Dostea tea machine as more than just a kitchen appliance; it becomes a companion in the quest for the perfect cup of chai, ensuring that each sip is an exploration into the heart of authentic chai culture.

Beyond its functionality, the Dostea tea machine transforms the act of chai-making into an artful experience. Its exterior not only complements modern kitchen aesthetics but also reflects the commitment to a perfect brewing process. The intuitive design extends to the strategically placed controls, allowing users to customize their chai effortlessly. The inclusion of a removable kettle and a dedicated milk frother adds practicality, encouraging users to experiment with various chai styles. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of the chai-making journey, from preparation to indulgence, is met with convenience, precision, and an infusion of authentic flavors.

Perfecting the Design-engineering Combo

The Dostea Tea Machine is not just a kitchen gadget; it's a mix of tradition and technology, showcasing a universal love for chai. With its design and engineering, this appliance ensures that making chai is as simple as pressing a button while preserving the heart of a handcrafted cup.
Its elegance and precision pay homage to the cultural richness of chai-making, making it more than just a functional device. Every curve and detail nods to tradition, keeping the emotional journey of brewing a handmade cup of chai intact. The Dostea Tea Machine is not just about making chai; it's a user-friendly curator of authentic experiences, combining heritage with modern convenience. It invites users to partake in the joy of chai-making, making this appliance not just a kitchen essential but a companion in the timeless ritual of enjoying a perfect cup of chai.

In its simplicity, the Dostea Tea Machine encapsulates a profound connection to chai culture. Beyond its chic appearance, the machine acts as a bridge between generations, merging time-honored traditions with contemporary ease. Its intuitive design and precise engineering make chai preparation accessible to everyone, transforming it into a straightforward and enjoyable experience. The appliance effortlessly captures the essence of a homemade cup of chai, preserving the warmth, aroma, and flavor that define this beloved beverage with just a button press.

User-friendly Everyday Experience

The product's physical design, we considered the ergonomic aspects to ensure both visual appeal and practical usability. The contours and shape of the appliance are not just visual elements but contribute to an overall experience that feels intuitive and comfortable for the user.
Moving beyond the exterior, the interface design has been a focal point of our efforts. We aimed to demystify the chai-making process, creating a user-friendly interface that resonates with simplicity. The result is an intuitive control panel that empowers the user with the ability to effortlessly customize their chai experience. With just a few taps, users can tailor each element, from brewing time to milk frothing, to create their perfect cup of chai.

In the development of our product, every aspect, from its physical structure to the intricacies of its interface design, has been thoughtfully crafted with a singular focus: to provide a convenient user experience tailored to the needs of our target consumer.

Our philosophy revolves around empowering the user to be the architect of their chai enjoyment. The interface is designed to be an ally in the pursuit of the ideal cup, allowing users to navigate the brewing process effortlessly and customize their beverage preferences precisely. The goal is to make the art of chai-making accessible to all, ensuring that every user can savor the joy of creating a perfect cup of chai, uniquely tailored to their taste preferences.

Engineering for Longevity

Choosing durable materials is part of the commitment to excellence. Each component is picked for longevity, ensuring the appliance looks sophisticated and can handle daily use.
The commitment to innovation and patent-worthy engineering is evident in every facet of this tea machine. Dostea is more than just a kitchen gadget; it's a fusion of British and Indian design that enhances the chai-making experience. The engineering brilliance goes beyond its good looks. The curves and elegant lines aren't just for show; they're carefully designed for functionality. It's a balance of cutting-edge technology and timeless design principles, making the Dostea tea machine not just visually appealing but also a high-performance appliance for chai lovers.

The clever engineering also extends to the machine's form, mimicking the warmth of a sunrise. It's not just for looks; it's a deliberate effort to add a bit of magic to every cup, promising a new day with each sip. The tea machine isn't just about making a device; it's about engineering an experience where style and function come together to bring unmatched satisfaction to chai lovers, setting a new standard in the art of tea-making.

British Brewing and Indian Ingenuity: Reimagining Tea Time

Dostea was born from the vision of three Indian friends in London, marks a transformative milestone in chai-making for modern professionals. Collaborating with Analogy, the machine mixes British and Indian design, transcending borders to showcase a universal love for chai.


  • Industrial Design
  • Design Integrity
  • Market Research
  • Creative Direction
  • Conceptualisation
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Colour, Material and Finish
  • Product Visualization




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