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Shepherd: Revolutionising Sanitation in the COVID-19 era

Violet Ease approached us during COVID-19 pandemic to design a product for quick sanitation of daily-use items. We took an avant-garde approach from an appliance-device industry perspective and came up with Shepherd - the first-of-its-kind product in this category.

Shepherd's Journey to Resilience

Shepherd was not merely a response to a crisis; it was born from an understanding of the human experience during tumultuous times. Our journey began with exhaustive research into various areas, ranging from non-contact sanitisation methods to interior design trends.

Multifaceted Approach to Sanitation

The no-touch interface, controlled through intuitive gestures, was a crucial element allowing users to interact with Shepherd without any fear of contamination.

Innovative Design and Sustainable Approach

Every material used, from recycled plastic body panels to medical-grade SS304 sheet metal, is either recycled or recyclable, minimising environmental impact. Even the UV-C LEDs, renowned for their energy efficiency, contribute to Shepherd's eco-friendly profile.
Shepherd is a device to sanitise any product, revolutionising the home appliance industry by providing a unique solution that ensures germ-free belongings amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. It redefines the conventional notion of appliance design, departing from the uninspiring rectangular boxes that dominate the market. Its sleek and approachable form beckons users with a sense of familiarity, yet stands apart with its unique shape. This innovation extends to its aluminium stands, meticulously crafted to exude strength and elegance while providing stability on any surface.

But Shepherd is much more than just a visually appealing device. It transforms home sanitation by integrating multiple functionalities into a single, sophisticated product. From UV-C sanitisation to a fully non-contact gesture-based interface, portable sanitiser, power bank, and wireless charger, Shepherd offers unparalleled convenience and versatility.

Yet, its appeal extends beyond functionality. Shepherd embodies a commitment to sustainability, designed from the ground up with the principle of "design for recycle" at its core.

Moreover, Shepherd prioritises longevity and durability. Each component is easily detachable and replaceable, ensuring effortless maintenance and prolonging the product's lifespan. The LEDs boast an impressive lifespan, allowing Shepherd to be used multiple times daily for over a decade without faltering, making it a truly timeless investment.

Elevating Home Sanitation

Shepherd mixes cutting-edge technology with intuitive design. From the moment users approach the device, they are greeted with a sleek and approachable form, a departure from the intimidating black boxes of traditional appliances.
The non-contact gesture-based interface enhances usability, allowing for effortless control without the need for physical interaction. Users can simply wave their hand to initiate the sanitization process, adding a touch of magic to their daily routine. Shepherd's versatility shines through its ability to accommodate a wide range of belongings, from smartphones to laptops, ensuring comprehensive sanitation for all essentials. The portable Shepherd Mini extends this convenience on-the-go, empowering users to prioritise cleanliness wherever they are. With Shepherd, users not only enjoy peace of mind knowing their belongings are germ-free but also delight in the seamless integration of technology and functionality into their daily lives.

New-age user experience

In parallel, we developed Shepherd Mini, recognising the need for on-the-go sanitisation solutions. By integrating the same advanced technology into a portable, palm-sized device, we ensured that users could carry the same level of protection wherever they went.

From Concept to Reality

As we moved to engineering development, our focus shifted to refining every aspect of Shepherd to prepare it for mass production. Collaborating closely with engineers and manufacturing experts, we navigated the production processes, optimising efficiency without compromising on quality
Shepherd's journey from concept to reality has been marked by extensive planning, relentless innovation, and unwavering dedication. With a clear vision in mind, the initial prototype phase served as a crucial testing ground, where the functionalities were rigorously evaluated and validated. This phase allowed us to fine-tune Shepherd's design and functionality, ensuring it met the highest standards of performance and usability. Each component underwent rigorous testing to ensure durability, reliability, and a smooth integration. Looking ahead, Shepherd holds the promise of becoming a frontline defense against infectious diseases, safeguarding our belongings and promoting a healthier, safer environment. With its innovative technology and user-centric design, Shepherd has the potential to redefine home sanitation and elevate hygiene standards worldwide.

Defiance through Design

Shepherd’s product language and form exemplifies our strength and courage during a time when our own senses couldn't be trusted. Shepherd is the outcome of our learnings from the pandemic and it arms humanity with the tools to stand in defiance against any future pandemics that may arise.


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