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Shard - Exercycle

Transforming Home Fitness with Immersive Smart Cycling Technology

Shard embodies a groundbreaking approach to home fitness equipment, seamlessly merging immersive mixed media and IoT technology to redefine the exercise experience.
By leveraging haloed lighting around the cyclist, Shard creates an inviting and motivational space for daily workouts, distinct from conventional biofeedback designs reliant on screens and numbers. It influences behaviour through ambient light, eliminating the need for direct attention. As a versatile trainer, Shard effortlessly transitions from a functional exercycle to an artistic light installation, captivating users with its visually stimulating design. Beyond its practicality, Shard enhances any environment with its ability to sync with mood settings and ambient music, offering a premium blend of technology and artistry. Whether in cycling mode or standby mode, Shard's ambient light adapts to user input from bike sensors or the dedicated mobile application, ensuring a personalised and engaging fitness experience.

Merging the Traditional and Modern

Shard emerged from a deep-seated desire to address a pressing issue within the cycling industry: the disconnect between traditional fitness routines and modern lifestyles. Recognising the gradual departure from active childhoods to sedentary adult lives dominated by nine-to-five work schedules, we identified a need for a fresh perspective on home fitness solutions.
Our journey began with a return to basics, reminiscing on past experiences and realising the absence of economically viable yet engaging options for maintaining physical health outside of traditional gym settings.

To tackle this challenge, we delved into Exercise Psychology, pinpointing self-determination as the cornerstone of effective workout motivation. Understanding the importance of non-controlling communication and flexible information dissemination in fostering a sustainable fitness routine, we set out to revolutionise the home fitness landscape with Shard.

Through extensive research and analysis, we identified key pain points plaguing the fitness industry: exercycles that clashed with home interiors, a lack of intrinsic motivation, absence of personalised training, the absence of peer comparison, and the all-too-common trend of initial enthusiasm followed by eventual neglect. Armed with these insights, Shard was conceptualised as more than just a piece of exercise equipment. It became a holistic solution that seamlessly integrates into home environments, inspires motivation through immersive experiences, provides personalised training, fosters a sense of community through peer comparison, and ensures long-term engagement through innovative design and functionality. With Shard, we're not just reimagining fitness; we're reshaping lifestyles.

Illuminating the Future of Home Fitness

The idea addresses modern fitness issues by understanding evolving lifestyle habits. We recognise the shift from active childhoods to sedentary adult lives. Our goal: reintroduce joyous physical activity, seamlessly blending with contemporary lifestyles.
This realisation led us to reimagine the concept of home fitness, moving away from conventional gym memberships towards a more accessible, interactive, and motivating solution.

Central to Shard's design philosophy is the concept of "training by light." By leveraging the intensity of light to simulate actions and rewards, Shard creates a non-intrusive training experience that fosters consistent engagement and long-term adherence. This guiding principle informed every aspect of the product's development, from its physical design to its digital interface.

The Shard App interface, along with planned AR and VR attachments, creates a holistic user experience that transcends traditional boundaries. By seamlessly blending industrial design, IoT integration, and interface design, Shard sets a new standard for home fitness equipment, elevating the user experience to an art form.

At the heart of Shard's immersive experience lies its ambient interface, a departure from the screen- and number-based systems prevalent in the industry. By harnessing the power of ambient light to guide interactions, Shard empowers users to engage with their workouts without the distractions of traditional feedback mechanisms. This innovative approach not only enhances the user experience but also ensures a data-driven exercise regime that adapts to individual needs and preferences.

Cycling Modes and Immersive Experiences

Offering two distinct configurations: Cycling mode and Standby mode - Shard seamlessly integrates into users' daily routines while elevating their fitness experience to new heights. In both its working modes, it gives ambient light based on input taken from sensors on the bike or data from the dedicated mobile application.
Shard is an exercise bike engineered to revolutionise home fitness, providing a solution for stylish, interactive workouts. It stands out in the market with its unique blend of functionality, sophistication, and aesthetic appeal.

In Cycling mode, Shard connects to the user's phone via Bluetooth, providing access to a range of training regimes and virtual racing options. Users can engage in friendly competitions with other Shard users, with speed-indicative lighting enhancing the immersive experience. Utilising heart rate and speed sensors, its analytical algorithm provides real-time feedback through customisable colourful lighting, enhancing motivation and performance.

However, what truly sets Shard apart is its communication method—solely through colourful lighting, adjustable in intensity, colour shades, and brightness. This innovative approach not only minimises distractions but also enables users to personalise their workout environment. By capturing ambient sounds and synchronising lighting effects, Shard offers an immersive audio-visual experience, enhancing motivation and engagement.

Furthermore, it encourages users to embrace the outdoors with its built-in Google Maps feature, providing weather, traffic, and route information to facilitate informed decisions about outdoor activities. This seamless integration of technology and functionality empowers users to make the most of their fitness journey, whether indoors or outdoors.

A Curated User Journey

Shard's user experience is nothing short of exceptional, offering a seamless blend of innovation and functionality that elevates every workout session. From the moment users engage with Shard, they are greeted by a dynamic display of colourful lighting, setting the stage for an immersive fitness journey.
Transitioning into Standby mode, Shard seamlessly transforms into an elegant light installation, enhancing the ambiance of any living space with its captivating glow. With Shard, the user experience is characterised by convenience, motivation, and style, making every workout session a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience.

A Customisable and Personal Interface

The intuitive mobile application provides easy access to a range of training regimes and virtual racing options, empowering users to personalise their workout experience with just a few taps. As users pedal away, Shard's analytical algorithm delivers real-time feedback through customisable lighting, keeping them motivated and on track towards their fitness goals.

Refining the CMF for the Perfect Style

The exquisite design, blending glass, brass, and leather, exudes elegance and sophistication. Seamlessly integrating into any upscale décor, its intelligent use of light and colour, controlled via a mobile app, enhances its visual allure, appealing to those with a discerning eye for style and innovation.
Shard's journey from concept to reality was marked by an extensive and iterative process that prioritised user interaction and ergonomics. Beginning with the conceptualisation phase, we embarked on a series of iterative prototyping sessions, where each iteration refined the form and functionality of the product. These prototypes evolved in complexity as the vision for Shard became clearer, allowing us to address every aspect of user interaction and ergonomics.

As the product took shape, we turned our attention to the development of the accompanying mobile app. Wireframes were created to ensure a seamless user experience, with every feature and interaction carefully considered. Throughout this process, testing played a pivotal role, with prototypes and wireframes being continuously evaluated for user feedback.

This iterative approach enabled us to fine-tune every aspect of Shard, from its physical design to its digital interface, ensuring that the final product met the needs and expectations of its users.

Transforming Home Fitness and Design Innovation on a Global Scale

The impact of the Shard project reverberates across multiple dimensions, from its innovative approach to home fitness to its recognition on the global stage. By seamlessly blending art, technology, and functionality, Shard has redefined the way individuals approach exercise, transforming mundane workouts into immersive experiences.
Its emphasis on user-centric design and iterative prototyping has set a new standard for product development, inspiring creativity and innovation in the fitness industry.

Furthermore, Shard's accolades, including the Merit Award win in the 21st International Bicycle Design Competition (2017)held at Taiwan, underscore its significance and contribution to the field of bicycle design. This recognition not only validates the ingenuity of the Shard project but also elevates its visibility and influence within the global design community. As Shard continues to make waves both at home and abroad, its impact on the future of home fitness and design innovation is undeniable.


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