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Sparking Adventure: Wildcraft's Smart Backpack Unleashes a New Era of Exploration

In a world saturated with tech-driven products, Wildcraft emerges as a pioneer, to create a range of smart backpacks. We collaborated with Wildcraft to create a range of smart products that add to the ever-changing lifestyle.
Our collaboration with Wildcraft unearthed the key challenges hindering the launch of their smart products. Our strategy was clear – to bridge the gap between technology and user-driven features that merge into the user's lifestyle, addressing their needs and behaviours from the outset. By delving deep into user behaviours and addressing their problems head-on, we crafted a lineup of products that not only resonate with Wildcraft's core demographic of outdoor enthusiasts and urban warriors but also attract a new wave of young, smart, and tech-savvy professionals.

The Urban Warrior

The selection of the Vivid Shadow visual theme was a strategic choice driven by a profound understanding of our target demographic—the vibrant and dynamic young millennials.
Drawing inspiration from the extremes, ranging from the raw power of volcanoes to the intricate urban landscapes perfect for parkour exploration, we sought to create a functional language that resonates uniquely on a visual level. Our muse was the urban ninja archetype, individuals who navigate the bustling cityscape with a certain stealth, revealing themselves only when they choose to do so.Delving into the nuances of the millennial experience, particularly the struggle to express one's true self after a day of collaboration in the corporate world, we identified the need for a design that encapsulates the essence of blending in while allowing for bursts of self-expression. The resulting Vivid Shadow theme accomplishes this delicate balance by infusing bright red accents into key functional areas, symbolizing the unapologetic expression of individuality, while keeping the overall ambiance enshrouded in shadows. It's a visual narrative that mirrors the urban ninja's art of revealing and concealing, offering a dynamic and expressive space for those who seek to break free from the constraints of conformity and embrace their true selves.

Ideating Key Silhouettes

In developing our visual theme inspired by the legendary Ninja warriors, we sought to emulate their ability to blend into the dark and appear at will. This approach translated into silhouettes mirroring the headband and robes, using keylines to create forms that merged details from various parts of their clothing.
Our design philosophy extended beyond mere aesthetics to address practical concerns, leading us to devise innovative solutions for some of the key challenges.The notion of blending in evolved into a functional feature with the envisioning of a hood that served both stylistically and functionally. This hood covered all zippers, eliminating the need for intricate anti-theft technology. This streamlined approach not only heightened the bag's visual allure but also reinforced its security features, staying true to the elusive nature of our Ninja-inspired theme.Our quest for a perfect amalgamation of form and function led us to devise an ingenious anti-theft solution. By incorporating a hood that elegantly covered all zippers, we eliminated the need for intricate security technology. This not only enhanced the bag's aesthetic appeal but also ensured a practical and secure user experience, echoing the elusive essence of our Ninja-inspired design.

Upgrade the Everyday Lifestyle

The design philosophy went beyond aesthetics, we created value through focused features melded into Wildcraft's internal design language. The result? An impressive fusion of form and function - value-driven features meet sleek aesthetics, tailored for India.
The integration of retractable earphones elevates the auditory experience, providing users with a personalized escape in the midst of bustling urban environments or during daily commutes. The emphasis on security is another game-changing aspect, with anti-theft features such as covered seams, hidden zip tags, and a strategically designed hood ensuring the safety of valuable belongings. Moreover, the inclusion of power bank and strategically placed USB ports addresses the perpetual concern of battery life, offering on-the-go charging convenience.

The Ultimate Tech-Infused Backpack

Retractable Earphones: The innovation doesn't just stop at storage; the backpack comes equipped with retractable earphones, providing an immersive musical escape at a moment's notice.
Whether commuting on the metro or navigating the bustling urban environment, the backpack ensures a smooth transition into a world of personalised sound, enhancing the overall user experience.Anti-Theft Zip & Seams: Security takes center stage with carefully combined anti-theft features. Covered seams and hidden zip tags, coupled with a strategically designed hood that conceals the zippers, fortify the backpack against unauthorized access. To further bolster security, the backpack is equipped with an anti-theft alarm, both within the bag and accessible via a dedicated app on the user's phone.Inbuilt Charging On The Go: Addressing the perennial concern of battery life, the Wildcraft Smart Backpack incorporates an integrated power bank. Positioned centrally to maintain weight distribution, the removable power bank ensures that users have access to a continuous power supply. The inclusion of USB ports on both sides of the backpack enhances accessibility, allowing users to charge their devices conveniently while on the move.The Wildcraft Smart Backpack is designed to revolutionise the outdoor gear industry by integrating cutting-edge technology and user-centric features, catering to the diverse needs of adventure enthusiasts and urban warriors alike. A myriad of selling points elevates this backpack, ensuring it caters to the diverse needs of adventure enthusiasts and urban warriors alike.

Ideating a smart shoe

We also extended our creative endeavours to include an innovative addition to the product line—the smart shoe, a distinctive urban reinterpretation of an outdoor hiking shoe.
The goal was to match the bag aesthetic and the overlapping fold language from the vivid shadow inspiration board. This led to an interesting hybrid design language that combined the proportions from the hiking shoe but added a very urban feel to it with reflective materials and a sleek profile but filled with data that was communicated to the app for step count, calories and altitude.

Smart Backpack, Seamless Experience

To enhance user engagement and create a smooth interaction with the Wildcraft Smart Backpack, we crafted an Android app as a proof of concept. The app's primary focus lay in delivering an exceptional user experience, merge functionality with visually captivating elements.
These evoke a sense of exploration within urban environments. The onboarding process, a pivotal entry point for users, was meticulously designed to strike a balance between customisation and simplicity. Each step of the onboarding journey was adorned with visual breadcrumbs, guiding users effortlessly while providing reassurance about the actions they were undertaking.Furthermore, our commitment to enhancing user engagement extended beyond the app's onboarding process. We implemented an augmented reality (AR) shopping experience that went beyond being a mere technological showcase. This strategic addition aligned with the product line's overarching theme of stealth and drew inspiration from its initial conception. Understanding the shift in consumer behaviour towards embracing cutting-edge technologies, our team envisioned a storefront experience that was not only clean and minimal but also featured a robust AR interface overlay. This innovative fusion transcended traditional shopping norms, providing users with a unique and immersive connection to the product. The AR interface not only brought a new dimension to the shopping experience but also introduced an array of features, further enriching the depth and versatility of the overall interaction.

Merging Aesthetics and Functionality

Following successful client presentations and refining our design directions, we embarked on the creation of scale prototypes to demonstrate how the fabric could be shaped and formed to embody our unique visual theme.
This iterative process allowed us to fine-tune our design, ensuring a harmonious mix of aesthetics and functionality. These tangible models served as dynamic showcases, illustrating how the fabric could be shaped and formed to bring our distinctive visual theme to life. This iterative approach allowed us to mix artistic vision with practical considerations, resulting in a design that not only captivated aesthetically but also functioned flawlessly.To maintain cohesion with the existing bag aesthetic and draw inspiration from the overlapping fold language of the vivid shadow inspiration board, we embarked on a design journey that resulted in a unique hybrid language. This language combined the proportions inherent in traditional hiking shoes with a distinctly urban flair, featuring reflective materials and a sleek profile. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the smart shoe was engineered to be a data-driven companion, providing real-time information on step count, calories burned, and altitude, communicated to the user through the accompanying app.

Innovative Bags for Urban Explorers

Wildcraft bags have undeniably left an indelible mark on the outdoor gear industry, transforming the way individuals approach adventure and urban exploration. Fusing cutting-edge technology with a user-centric ethos, these bags represent a paradigm shift in functionality and style.
The meticulously crafted scale prototypes underscore Wildcraft's commitment to a design philosophy that unites aesthetics and functionality. These tangible showcases illuminate how the fabric can be shaped and formed to embody a unique visual theme, ensuring that each bag not only captivates aesthetically but also performs flawlessly in real-world scenarios.In essence, Wildcraft bags have become synonymous with a transformative outdoor experience, providing adventure enthusiasts and urban warriors alike with a reliable, tech-infused companion for their journeys.


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