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Personalised PPE for the Pandemic: A Face-shield that blends Humankind and Design

At Analogy, we partnered with Violet Ease, a dedicated force in pandemic solution creation. Together, we orchestrated a connection between face shields, PPE, and an array of wearables, from headwear to cutting-edge audio products.
Our collaborative efforts harmonized safety, functionality, aesthetics, and ergonomics through an exhaustive design process. The result is a much-needed solution that emerged as a beacon during the challenging times of the pandemic. Join us on this journey of innovation where safety not only prevails but coexists seamlessly with style.

In the realm of pandemic preparedness, our mission at Analogy transcends conventional safety measures. Beyond providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), we're trailblazing a new era of innovation. For the inventive minds seeking solutions to unique product challenges, our innovative faceshields stand as a testament to the fusion of functionality and aesthetics. We understand the distinct problems innovators face and have crafted a novel solution that not only safeguards but elevates the user experience. Join us in redefining PPE – where safety meets sophistication, and ingenuity finds its shield.

Advancing the Protective Gears

Our latest innovation in protective gear stems from extensive research conducted on face-shields, PPE, surgical masks, and other headgear.
By meticulously analyzing user needs, industry standards, and emerging technologies, we have developed a cutting-edge faceshield that sets new benchmarks in safety and comfort. Our research-driven approach ensures that each component of the faceshield is optimized for maximum protection without compromising on breathability or usability. With a relentless commitment to innovation and user-centric design, we are proud to introduce a faceshield that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of healthcare professionals, frontline workers, and individuals seeking reliable protection in challenging environments.

Drawing Inspiration from Humble Headphones

In the dynamic process of ideation that fueled our faceshield project, we employed the innovative strategy of designing by analogy. By drawing inspiration from existing products and phenomena, such as headphones and headgear, we sought to infuse a fresh perspective into the traditional faceshield design.
Designing by analogy allowed us to transcend conventional boundaries, exploring the potential synergies between facial protection and elements from disparate domains.
Our ideation phase became a vibrant canvas where the fusion of diverse influences, ranging from the sleek functionality of high-performance sports gear to the unassuming effectiveness of medical-grade equipment, shaped the contours of our faceshield concept. This approach wasn't just about reimagining a protective tool for a pandemic; it was a deliberate exercise in transforming analogies into innovative solutions. By weaving threads of inspiration from seemingly unrelated sources, we crafted a faceshield that not only met the rigorous demands of the times but also emerged as a design masterpiece, showcasing the transformative impact of drawing inspiration from analogies in the realm of protective wear.
the solution

Ideation to Implementation

In the journey of bringing our faceshield project to fruition, the pivotal phase involved the meticulous creation of multiple prototypes. The evolution from concepts to tangible forms saw the integration of cutting-edge techniques, including laser-cut transparent sheets that allowed us to refine and visualize the design intricacies.
3D printing played a crucial role, enabling us to translate digital blueprints into physical prototypes, facilitating a hands-on exploration of the ergonomic and aesthetic aspects. These prototypes underwent rigorous testing on an array of mannequins and various head models, ensuring that the faceshield not only met the highest standards of safety but also provided a personalized and comfortable fit. This iterative process, marked by innovation and precision, brought our vision to life with a faceshield that seamlessly blended functionality, comfort, and cutting-edge design.

Familiarity and Comfort

Introducing the Freedom Face Shield, a groundbreaking creation by Analogy that revolutionises the landscape of face protection. Crafted with precision and innovation, this shield addresses the perennial challenges of fit and comfort.
Drawing inspiration from the intricate folds of origami patterns, Analogy has ingeniously incorporated a patent-pending origami-style mechanism. This unique feature empowers users with the freedom to tailor the shield's protection level to their specific needs. The ease of the rotating studs seamlessly transitions the shield from a minimalistic form to a fully protective gear, embodying a fusion of aesthetics, adaptability, and unparalleled comfort in the realm of personal protective equipment.

A Design that Fits

Experience unmatched comfort and adaptability with the Freedom Face Shield's innovative origami-style design. Tailoring the shield to your unique needs is a breeze – in just three simple steps, you can effortlessly adjust the size to accommodate anything from child to an adult.
Unlike traditional face shields, the Freedom model ensures a headache-free and mark-free experience. Its ergonomic design eliminates discomfort, making it easy to wear for extended periods without compromising on pain-free protection. Say goodbye to the constraints of one-size-fits-all and embrace a face shield designed for a stellar user experience. With a front shield that can be easily resized based on the user's face shape and size, the Freedom Face Shield revolutionizes safety gear, providing unparalleled flexibility without sacrificing comfort.

Engineered for Customisation

The Freedom Face Shield isn't just a feat of design; it's engineered for efficient mass production. Crafted from a flexible plastic sheet, the front protective shield is not only quick to cut and assemble but also features an antimicrobial coating, prioritizing your safety.
The ingenious use of Velcro patches connects the flaps of the shield seamlessly, allowing for swift adjustments and a secure fit. An additional attachment enables the simultaneous use of a face mask for enhanced protection. Moreover, its thoughtful design ensures compatibility with earphones, offering a holistic solution that integrates seamlessly into your daily routines.
Designed with your comfort in mind, the Freedom Face Shield goes beyond the basics. The earpieces, crafted from soft and flexible material, ensure irritation-free wear, while the skin-safe and pliable front headband avoid leaving marks on your forehead. Experience a face shield that not only prioritizes your safety but also redefines comfort, making it an indispensable accessory for your daily life.

Comfortable Protection with The Freedom Face Shield

The Freedom Face Shield is more than a product; it's a paradigm shift in protective wear. From conceptualisation to creation, we've meticulously crafted this face shield, drawing inspiration from diverse sources, including headphones and headgear. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every detail, from the patent-pending origami-style mechanism to the antimicrobial-coated shield. Tested rigorously on various models, it offers a stellar user experience, ensuring comfort without compromise. Engineered for mass manufacturing, the Freedom Face Shield is a symbol of innovation, marrying flexibility, safety, and style. Welcome to a new era of protection—welcome to Freedom.


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