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Shout: Designing the interface for iPhone Case customisation in a retail store

In collaboration with Cellairis, a long term client of Analogy and also the world's largest franchise for accessories, we were tasked to create a mobile application that a customer can use to book, pick, curate and customise their own graphics on a case of their choice for the device of their choice. The pilot was done in an AT&T store in Atlanta, Georgia in 2016-17.

Design for customisation

We started with a thorough understanding of user preferences. Usually shopping in store versus E-commerce are two entirely different user flows and we wanted to look into a day in the life of a consumer.
Working together with stakeholders and end-users, we uncovered critical pain points, such as non existent user flows, broken functionality, and outdated interface elements. Armed with these insights, we embarked on a journey of ideation, exploring various digital architectures and interaction patterns to devise a solution that not only addressed existing challenges but also introduced innovative features and enhancements.

Throughout this iterative process, we applied design thinking principles to fuel creativity and problem-solving, generating multiple design concepts and assessing their viability in alignment with user preferences and industry standards. Engaging in collaborative workshops with the client, we iteratively refined our designs, ensuring seamless integration with the company's brand identity and strategic goals

A Technical drawback

The printing technology used to print custom cases was quite nascent at this point and we had to thoroughly understand the machines limitations and even tweak it to a point where it could be user friendly.
A lot of exploration with die sublimation printing processes, we uncovered intricate technical hurdles, including color accuracy inconsistencies, print alignment issues, and compatibility complexities with mobile devices. Equipped with this in-depth understanding, we embarked on developing the interfaces and the interaction workflow that seamlessly integrates with die sublimation printers, aiming to streamline workflows and enhance user experiences.

Throughout this journey, we encountered challenges unique to the realm of die sublimation printing, such as optimizing image resolution for high-quality output, ensuring real-time communication between the app and the printing machine, and fine-tuning color management algorithms to achieve precise color reproduction. Leveraging our expertise in bridging physical objects and digital design, we navigated these obstacles with agility, resulting in a robust solution that empowers users to unleash their creativity while leveraging the capabilities of die sublimation technology."

Print in 5 steps

When we started this journey of research and innovation developing this mobile application, we wanted to give a user extremely simple steps to make their user experience extremely easy and delightful
Step 1: Seamless Connection and Selection - The first step in the process involves establishing a seamless connection between the mobile app and the die sublimation machine. Users launch the mobile app on their smartphones or tablets and establish a wireless connection with the printing device. Once connected, they navigate to the custom case printing feature within the app.

Step 2: Design Customization and Personalization - With the custom case printing feature activated, users are presented with a myriad of design customization options. They can upload their own images, photographs, or graphics directly from their device's gallery. Alternatively, they can choose from a library of pre-designed templates, patterns, or motifs curated within the app. This step allows users to personalize their case design according to their preferences and creative vision.

Step 3: Real-Time Preview and Adjustment - After selecting the desired design elements, users are provided with a real-time preview of their custom case on the mobile app interface. This interactive preview enables users to visualize how their design will appear on the final product. They can adjust elements such as size, position, orientation, and color saturation to fine-tune the design to their liking. This iterative process ensures that users have full control over the aesthetics of their custom case.

Step 4: Printing Parameters and Optimization - Once satisfied with the design, users proceed to configure the printing parameters directly within the mobile app. They can specify variables such as print quality, color profile, substrate material, and printing speed. Advanced users may also have the option to adjust parameters such as temperature and pressure for optimal sublimation results. These parameters are crucial for ensuring accurate color reproduction and durable prints.

Step 5: Printing and Quality Assurance - With all parameters set, users initiate the printing process directly from the mobile app interface. The app communicates with the die sublimation machine, sending the design file and printing instructions wirelessly. As the printing progresses, users can monitor the process in real-time through the app, ensuring that the print is executed accurately and without any errors. Upon completion, users can inspect the printed case for quality assurance, verifying color accuracy, sharpness, and overall print quality.

In summary, creating a custom case print on a die sublimation machine through the mobile app involves seamless connection, design customization, real-time preview, printing parameter optimization, and quality assurance. This streamlined process empowers users to unleash their creativity and produce personalized case designs with ease and precision.

Where Ease Meets Innovation

A simple to use app interface without any overtly technical details on the front end does not deter a user from using it to create multiple options, be on the app for a longer period of time and print and pick from a store without any hassles.
The app seamlessly integrates with the die sublimation machine and offers unparalleled convenience and ingenuity. With intuitive design features and a user-friendly interface, creating personalized cases could have never been easier. Users can effortlessly customize their designs, preview them in real-time, and optimize printing parameters with precision. This innovative technology ensures that every print is executed flawlessly, delivering vibrant colors and crisp details. This was the perfect fusion of ease and innovation with our mobile app, setting new standards in custom case printing

The App boosts User Experience, creating a brand recall for Cellairis

The app design and dev helped created a better user experience with consumers in the retail store. With increased sales, heightened brand recognition, and newfound client footfall, Cellairis has been able to solidify its position as a leader in the industry. The redesigned mobile app not only enhances efficiency and productivity but also paves the way for future innovations in retail sales.


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