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Task It: The Ultimate Platform for Effortless Gig Economy Collaboration and Hiring Efficiency

Within the gig economy's dynamic landscape, bridging communication gaps and streamlining small job hiring persist as challenges. Inspired by successes in transportation and housing platforms, we discern an opportunity to facilitate seamless communication and bridge this gap effectively.
The prevailing issue lay in the fragmented nature of existing solutions, each catering to specific niches and leaving a void in the gig economy space. Recognising the intricate tapestry of the gig economy, we embarked on a journey to address this gap comprehensively.

The problem at hand was two-fold: gigsters struggled to find opportunities that matched their skills, and gig mongers faced hurdles in efficiently identifying and hiring the right talent for small jobs. The existing platforms, while effective in their domains, lacked the integrative approach necessary to encompass the diverse array of gig jobs. Our pursuit was grounded in the understanding that a unified platform could streamline these interactions, drastically reducing the time and effort involved in the hiring process. Through extensive research and collaboration, we decided to create a space where gigsters could showcase their skills and gig mongers could easily identify and engage the right talent for their specific needs. The ultimate aim was to foster a symbiotic relationship within the gig economy, empowering individuals on both sides to thrive in this ever-evolving landscape.

Tackling Challenges with Versatile Solutions

A notable challenge was enabling users to seamlessly switch profiles based on evolving needs. This emphasised adaptability in the gig economy, driving us to develop a versatile solution accommodating freelance work's dynamic nature effectively.
While exploring the gig economy, we delved into the strategies employed by prominent players such as UrbanClap, Craigslist, Uber, and Airbnb. This comprehensive analysis aimed to uncover the diverse approaches and solutions integrated into their platforms. Identifying the gaps in existing services became pivotal for innovation, revealing a distinct lack of platforms offering a diverse pool of freelancers for offline jobs and a deficiency in location-based tools for swift job matches.

With a clear understanding of the prevailing issues, our research extended to defining base users by studying past data from various applications. This involved deciphering key roles and functions inherent in the client-employee relationship, leading to the articulation of essential functional requirements. Challenges emerged in our pursuit of innovation, notably in the creation of an open, decentralised system for jobs. The aspiration was to cultivate a seamless two-way platform for hiring and working, employing system-level automation to efficiently organise and manage the myriad of interactions within the gig economy.

Bulls Eye Mapping, Brand Identity and Seamless User Onboarding

At the core of our design philosophy was forging a distinct, adaptable product identity. The logo, a simple yet powerful symbol, captures the platform's essence, ensuring versatility across platforms, sizes, and colours. It embodies the product's core action and purpose visually.
Our approach to address the key issues within the gig economy, began through a comprehensive Bull’s eye/Insight mapping exercise. This involved structuring and prioritising features through a bullseye diagram, providing a high-level overview of our product and its interconnected functionalities. The system flow was meticulously outlined, highlighting key interaction points that would serve as reference benchmarks throughout the development process.

User onboarding was a critical aspect of our strategy, aiming for efficiency and engagement. Quick overviews of user-acquired skills, complemented by statistics on the demand and rankings of each skill, provide valuable insights for gigsters. The decentralised data and suggestive search features enhance the user experience, simplifying the process of selecting services and skills. To further streamline the job-seeking process, we implemented a map-based search functionality. This not only enables users to swiftly identify tasks in close proximity but also incorporates an intelligent scheduling and navigation system, facilitating a seamless transition from one task to the next.
The Solution

Efficiency, Innovation and Collaboration

Task It is a standout task management app, distinguished by area-based functionality for swift task sorting by location. Users express interest and initiate conversations with a single tap. Its intuitive date calendar allows seamless date setting, promoting ease of use and efficient scheduling.
The app was designed to streamline and expedite the process of task management, serving as a catalyst to organise various activities in a unique digital environment that fosters efficiency and collaboration.

One of Task It's standout selling points is its flexible search system, incorporating an autofill search engine with predictive, location-based suggestions. This feature ensures that users can effortlessly discover relevant tasks and services, enhancing the overall user experience by reducing search time and increasing accuracy.

Moreover, Task It excels in catering to the gig economy's hiring professionals. The app integrates scheduling and payment options directly into the chat interface, providing a seamless task management experience without the need for multiple tabs or options. The intelligent chat functionality further adds to the app's appeal by displaying relevant options throughout the task cycle, minimising visual clutter and offering users a smart and organised way to manage their tasks. Task It thus emerges as a comprehensive solution, addressing not only the location-based task discovery but also simplifying scheduling, search, and communication processes, making it an indispensable tool for those navigating the dynamic landscape of the gig economy.

Seamless User Experience and Discovery

Users can swiftly explore and express interest in tasks with a swipe, initiating conversations with one tap. This location-centric approach saves time, allowing users to discover nearby opportunities, enhancing platform convenience and efficiency.
Task It delivers a stellar user experience by seamlessly integrating innovative features that cater to the diverse needs of users in the gig economy. The app's area-based functionality is a game-changer, allowing users to effortlessly navigate through tasks based on location.

The date calendar feature further contributes to Task It's exceptional user experience. Setting dates or date ranges is simplified to just one tap, eliminating the hassle of navigating through complex menus. This intuitive design fosters a smooth and user-friendly interaction, enabling users to manage their schedules with unparalleled ease.

Intuitive Scheduling with Intelligent Collaboration

The integration of scheduling and payment options directly into the chat interface streamlines the entire task management process. This approach eliminates the need for users to navigate through multiple tabs or options, providing a seamless and consolidated experience. manage their tasks.
The app's flexible search system is another highlight, featuring an autofill search engine with predictive, location-based suggestions. This not only expedites the search process but also ensures that users receive relevant and accurate results. The combination of area-based functionality and predictive search makes Task It a powerful tool for users seeking specific tasks or services within their preferred locations.

Smart Onboarding through Intelligent Chats

The design team carefully translated user journeys into intuitive wireframes, ensuring that each interaction was purposeful and aligned with the app's objectives. The intelligent chat functionality adds an extra layer of sophistication by displaying relevant options throughout the task cycle, minimising visual clutter and empowering users with a smart and organised way to onboard gigs.
These wireframes served as the blueprint, outlining the intricate details of the app's functionality, user interfaces, and overall user experience. They were then meticulously reviewed, refined, and iterated upon to achieve optimal functionality and visual appeal. Rigorous testing and user feedback loops were integral components of the development process, allowing for continuous refinement and enhancement.

Task It's inception involved meticulously planning and executing user journey maps. Understanding gig economy users' diverse needs guided comprehensive wireframe development, ensuring alignment with their expectations and enhancing the platform's functionality and usability.

Transforming the Gig Economy Landscape with Seamless Task Management and Collaborative Innovation

Task It's seamless integration of scheduling and payment options within the chat interface minimises friction in the hiring process for professionals and freelancers. Intelligent chat functionality offers relevant options, reducing visual clutter and enhancing task cycle efficiency.
Task It has made a profound impact on the gig economy by revolutionising the way individuals connect and collaborate on small jobs. The app's area-based functionality has empowered users to swiftly discover and engage with tasks in their immediate vicinity, fostering a sense of community and efficiency. The seamless date calendar and flexible search features have streamlined task management, simplifying scheduling and improving the overall user experience.

The app’s impact extends beyond mere task management; it has created a dynamic and interconnected ecosystem, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration in the gig economy. Overall, Task It has elevated the efficiency, convenience, and user satisfaction within the gig economy, leaving a lasting imprint on how individuals approach and navigate freelance opportunities.


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