March 4, 2024
We turned 8, added new team mates and won awards!
BTS from an exciting shoot
The team wrapped up a one-day shoot as part of a yet-to-be released collab. We peeled back the curtain on our design process, culture and the industrial design space. Stay tuned for the video!
How we embrace AI in our design process
AI’s growing capability and dominance in the text, image and video creation space means that we can no longer ignore its utility. There is no doubt about it that AI has started replacing content creation jobs, not completely but to an extent. While some get left behind, others turn into captains of this new AI ship that steer it towards the goals they define. We have been testing new tools and following their development to figure out which ones provide usable output consistently at the quality we require. Our strong understanding of the design process and steps within it allows us to incorporate these tools into our process, providing huge time savings and an increase in output quality. Some tools that we have integrated so far and seen great results with are - Krea for quick form ideation, Vizcom for sketch renders, and Midjourney for form ideation and visualisation. We’re excited for the future of AI and design, where it gets better at understanding our prompts and increasing efficiency while also moving further into other spaces of industrial design like 3D generative design.
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Marketing Associate
Meet our new team member!
”I’m pursuing my final semester from Manipal Academy of Higher Education along with ACCA. Before Analogy, I worked at a CA's office. Interning here has shown me the stark contrast between a restrictive work environment and the sense of ownership and fulfillment that comes with being fully engaged in what I’m doing. I have been with Analogy for over two months, and I absolutely love the chance to learn and grow that the organisation gives me. A bit about myself, I'm a huge music buff, love watching sunsets and fluffy clouds by the beach, something I could do everyday!”
Industrial Designer
Team Speak
My 2 month sketch training at Analogy was fantastic! Everything was covered right from the basics. One thing that really stuck with me was learning how to use basic sketching to get ideas across. Everyone was super supportive and helped me understand not just how to draw well, but how to communicate better too. Now, I feel way more confident putting my thoughts into visuals and making complicated stuff easier to understand. Honestly, I'm so grateful for the experience at Analogy. It's made a big difference for me, both personally and professionally!
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iDiya wins the European Product Design Award 2023
The award winning wellness product - smart meditation lamp has added yet another award to its bucket - European Product Design Award, 2023. A modern take on the traditional diya, this product is designed to engage three senses for mindful relaxation.
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Panasonic Gives Us A Glimpse Into Futuristic Living With A Campaign For Its Connected MirAIe Platform
Miraie is an IoT (Internet of Things) platform designed by Panasonic that allows the consumers to connect their Miraie-enabled products to the app. The Internet of...
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Nano Insights - UX/UI & Data Design
Nano Insights is a data design project that visualizes insights and trends for financial institutions internally. The insights and data will be used by a major financial institution to roll out key findings from a study conducted worldwide by a leading insights agency to…
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Kitchen Inventory Management with Smart Jar
One of the most apt use cases in a kitchen is the constant storage and replenishment of groceries. So what if the most common accessory or product in your kitchen is the one that keeps track of your inventory...
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Analogy Design, Anil Ramesh, Vyasateja Rao, Arun Kumar – Bloom – Wireless charger and lamp
Bloom is a wireless charger inspired by the fashion trends for women and serves as a lamp when not used for charging. Made from a combination of PC and Ceramic, it has a capacitive touch interface to...
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Analogy Design: Transforming Digital & Physical Experiences
As a matured UI/UX company rooted in human-centric, lean methodologies and product design, Analogy Design is more prepared than ever to drive experience driven transformation...
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This Travel Backpack Can Give You a Massage on the Go
While backpacks can be a great way to travel light with all the essentials, wearing them for extended periods can take a toll on your back. That's where Eume, a travel backpack with a built-in massager, comes in...
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Insane AI revolutionises home workouts with a first-of-its-kind AI-powered Workout Tracking Technology
The AI-powered Workout Tracking technology of the app enables precise motion tracking with any smartphone, allowing it to definitively identify how well...
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The Conceptual 'Idiya' Smart Lamp Soothes the Senses
The conceptual 'Idiya' smart lamp has been designed by Anil Ramesh of Analogy Design as a sensory relaxation solution to help a person relax and unwind in a simple yet effective way. The light features a subtle design that provides a candlelight-like form of…
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This tea machine makes the classic Indian chai easier to prepare
Chai, a beloved staple in Indian households, holds a special place in the hearts of many. It’s more than just a beverage; it’s a symbol of hospitality, warmth, and tradition. A group of three Indian friends living in London, who happened to be accounting and finance experts . . .
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Analogy Design- 10 Iconic Products
Analogy Design for every individual is a different concept altogether due to the changing needs and necessities of the person. Creating a quantifiable product that will help a broad yet specific group of people is a fun yet difficult task...
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